Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Review (Marisa Peer)

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer, founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), offers a training to become RTT hypnotherapist. Being one means you can earn a lot of money while working whenever and wherever you want.  According to her, such is a fulfilling career that will let you affect people in a very special way that they will start sending you messages like “You’ve absolutely changed my life beyond belief…” I don’t recommend anyone to become this nor avail her therapy sessions and I’ll show you why in the review below.

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Your BS alarm should already be ringing LOUD the moment this hypnotherapist claims that her RTT method is a miracle cure for every mental health illness that exists ever.  Add the other health problems too that modern medicine is having trouble fixing despite years of extensive research. No such thing as eating disorders, depression, trauma, and infertility – RTT can cure all of that, apparently.

Specifically, she states in her website that she’s “Britain’s best therapist” and that her RTT is something that can provide deliver “extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain.” Oh, she also associates her methods with words that sounds legit when her program is not worthy of any medical terms, whatsoever. I’m talking about her saying that RTT is a combination of hypnosis, psychotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming.

First of all, the title she’s calling herself is just plain BS and something she misquotes from an article written about her of more than 15 years ago. She’s not accredited by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the one and only legit org in her country that certifies legit and qualified therapists. Forget about her mentioning bogus institutions such as NCP and ACCPH too, what matters is BACP accreditation, and she has NONE of that.

Unfortunately, the lack of strict and statutory regulation enable to call herself whatever fancy and pseudo-medical title she wants scoot-free. Just like how I can call myself an “award-winning reviewer of courses, queen of badass blogging, and the freshest b*tch of them all” if I want to. I don’t because I’m not scummy and pretentious like Marisa.

The core principle of Marisa’s teaching by uncovering painful memories and traumas right away is awful. Ever wonder who’s doing all of that sensitive stuff? Surprise, surprise! They’re not licensed professionals like doctors and qualified psychiatrists with years of study in an actual medical school and OJT training. It’s the “hypnotherapists” that graduated from Marisa’s course of less than six months. From Marisa’s website, you can confirm this lack of extensive training.

“…HYPNOSIS AND HYPNOTHERAPY ARE ONE OF THE LARGEST GROWING THERAPIES IN THE WORLD… You may think that it takes years of expensive degrees and doctorates to become a world-class hypnotherapist, right? Wrong!”

An excerpt on Marisa Peer’s website

Excuse me, what? Just like getting a fine wine, some things require years to accomplish. Studying psychiatry is one of them. If you say otherwise without any valid proof, then you’re just telling lies and being a quack. This is why I don’t recommend you taking the course right away. I don’t think readers at Suugly is fine with making money by conning vulnerable people and putting their health at risks. I rather be broke than be a bunco, personally.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Review

Speaking of not providing valid proof, Marisa can’t provide any peer-reviewed research to prove her sh*t. I mean, she commented before in a Reddit thread that she will but promptly removed it (as in editing her comment to just “-“) after realizing that it’s not something that you can fabricate easily.

Just like Mark Jennison in a similar therapeutic course but for Alcohol addicts, Marisa also includes in her terms that you’re not allowed to bad-mouth her and her programs regardless of how warranted they may be. She goes further by threatening legal action against influencers who question her method. Apparently, freedom of speech is not in Marisa’s vocabulary at all. The most telling way too that she’s anticipating a lot of (justified) hate and criticisms towards her and her crappy program.

In conclusion, Marisa is a quack that’s only pretending to be an expert in solving health and mental issues. Don’t purchase her expensive therapy session if you’re in need of counseling. Untested methods can be dangerous AF especially Marisa’s that already received a plethora of complaints from her previous patients. Unless you’re Satan himself or worse, I’ll also advise to not take her $7,630+ training to become hypnotherapist aka accomplice of Marisa to scam people.

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