Ravi Abuvala Review

Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala has a challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs like you. I mean, I assume you are at least wanting to make some money online since you’re here at Suugly. His challenge? Avoid burnout by placing systems that will hustle for you. The system is just your Hey Mama Nicki Minaj personified.  “Yes, I do the cooking, yes, I do the cleaning,” but it’s your VAs doing the mundane tasks in your business. Not only you can avoid burnout, but you’ll also be free to do whatever you like. But as his program Scaling with Systems implies, you better use your newfound energy and free time to scale your biz.

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Not gonna lie, Ravi’s challenge is something I’ll consider myself. I mean, who doesn’t want to scale their business right? If you don’t want it, then you likely don’t know what scaling means. No, it doesn’t refer to fishes nor dry scaly skin. No need to relate those to business, we’re not in fifth grade English class. What Ravi and I means with scaling is increasing the revenue of your business without significant addition to your resources.

Still confused? Don’t worry, I’ll give you an analogy. Imagine running your own lemonade stand as a child. Instead of only fifty dollars to pocket, you earn a hundred bucks. Why so? Your sibling volunteers to help in manning the stand while you hand out flyers to your neighbors to encourage them buying and they did. Handing out flyers (aka marketing in a grown-up business, no offense to whoever has a lemonade stand empire as an adult) won’t be possible if you’re stuck manning the stand yourself.  Take note that it doesn’t require doing a significant change like building another branch of your lemonade stand or something. Bottom line, you earn more without moving the needle too much.

Anyhow, the concept of outsourcing might be good, but I don’t recommend learning it from Ravi’s courses. He’s the real deal, don’t get me wrong. Not like the “fake it ‘til you make it” gurus who only gets their monies from selling expensive courses. He also really owns the plane he’s featuring frequently on his social media and flies it himself. Not just for pictorials unlike others. However, him being real doesn’t mean anything on the quality of his courses. Don’t set your standards too low.

Speaking of the quality of his courses, it’s just “meh.” A review from one of his past students note that the course is “weak on actual systems, heavy on outsourcing to VAs.” This is not good because the price of the courses is very high. I’ll list them down here since it’s typically hidden behind a sales call. Here it is: 5-hour Masterclass at $300; Remote Integrator Academy for beginners at $7,500; Scaling with Systems which is Ravi’s flagship course at $12,000; and the most advanced course for scaling beyond $30k a month called Scaling Initiative at $15,000 up. Ridiculous pricing, right? It sure is when there are also reviews from students claiming that they are not getting actual results from Ravi’s course.

Ravi Abuvala Review

To reiterate, Ravi’s courses is the opposite of being bang for the buck. His masterclass alone was ridiculed as a 20-minute worth of information on a 5-hour video. He’s just talking like a broken record on loop for the sake of hitting the 5-hour mark. You know, similar to Youtubers trying their best to hit the 10-minute mark for the algorithm. For Ravi, it is to justify selling what is basically a sales pitch of his other courses.

Allegedly, the ridiculous pricing continues to surface even at his offered VA service. He is charging at least a grand monthly for what basically cost him $250. Don’t take my word for it, it’s from the person that gave the review I mentioned earlier. Basically, he’s calling Ravi’s claim of hiring VAs based on US a bluff. I mean, you can’t get away with a $250 salary unless you’re hiring someone from India or Philippines. In my opinion, it’s likely close to half a grand a month for VAs while Ravi pockets the rest. Still, quite a steep markup for Ravi if you ask me.

In a nutshell, you can take on Ravi’s challenge in scaling your business. However, I don’t recommend learning how to do it with his courses. It’s just way too overpriced. Besides, why pay for several thousands of dollars to learn how to hire VAs? I swear, it’s not that complicated.

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