University Of Options Review (Dan Rawitch)

Dan Rawitch

University of Options is not your typical school. Founded by Dan Rawitch, it’s an e-learning program on how to make money online. So, yes, not typical for a “traditional” school, but the usual in programs featured in my site. And just like the name implies, you’ll get the bag here by learning how to pick winning options trades. Is that for real? How about the cost? I’ll answer it all in my review about it down below.

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Let me shoot straight right away and say how I’m quite disappointed with the number of offers in the University of Options. Which is, by the way, just one. Thought it would be like an actual university with lotta courses to choose from, but nope, not the case. Going for the one-size-fits-all approach, I see.

Aaaand anotha one. Seems like Dan loves sticking to one with him only putting up one highlight of University of Options. The said highlight? It’s the promise of learning how to read charts once you sign up for his program. Like duh! I know lots of BS trading programs nowadays with mentors who knows no sh*t on reading charts (*cough* Timothy Sykes *cough*), but that doesn’t mean you’re golden on knowing one. It’s bare minimum, c’mon now.

So, yeah, I don’t think reading charts is a notable thing to highlight here. To be fair, he goes off on a tangent on describing the highlight after, again, one sentence. Dude’s like reading charts is an important trading skill and all, but he won’t elaborate further because why not. Pulling an “um chile anyways so” like queen Nicki. Specifically, he goes on to describe how he’ll teach his students the way “big money” manipulates the market.

The gist? Big money bad, but ride their coattails as the little guy, so you can also make money when they make money. “You learn to win when they win,” he concluded. With this, I don’t think he’s just pulling BS out of his ass. If he’s not faking his credentials, he really has what it takes to know how big money operates and make some winning trades using the info. He’s probably not bullsh*tting around when he has all of ‘em experiences for forty years listed on his LinkedIn account, but a disclaimer in case it’s otherwise won’t hurt.

That’s the overview of the program, let’s move on to the inclusions. Signing up for University of Options will give you the following: Daily market analysis, live classes every Tuesday and Thursday, one to five trade recommendations a day, a weekly market mentor video containing five to ten stock picks per week, access to a 10-hour Trade Like Wall Street Pro course, and access to both Discord and Telegram group. The price of University of Options? Well, University of Options costs a whopping $3k.

University Of Options Review

You know it, I’ll have a word about the cost. It’s too damn expensive IMHO. I’ve been parroting this same sentiment since the inception of Suugly, but I’ll say it again. It’s about my rule of thumb regarding trading courses which is only spending $1k at most or bust. Anything more than that is not a wise buy and obviously, University of Options with the $3k price tag is on the “not a wise buy” list. I could’ve been more merciful with the $1.5k price of then Option Addicts, but not now.

Despite his extensive experience in the industry, I’m also not buying his claim of 85% winrate in all of his trades. Not just him, but anyone dropping some ridiculous percentages casually like it’s nothing will get a side eye from me. If he’s that good of a trader, why spend lots of time teaching rather than trading? Don’t wanna miss out with the subscription money? Sh*t’s  just a chump change if he’s using his win rate well in trading itself, just saying.

With that being said, I’m not recommending Dan’s University of Options. I don’t think that it’s a scam and Dan is a likeable and down-to-earth dude if you exclude him dropping the 85% figure, but his program is not worth buying. Not when I don’t see enough chatter about it online too. And who knows, given the dude’s obsession with number one, what if your $3k is only good for one year access to his program? Oh hell nah, right?

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