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Stock trading can be such a hard thing to master. As somebody who has reviewed a lot of different training or mentorship programs regarding all types of trading that you, I still have no idea how the market works. Lines up then lines go down. Sometimes it’s good when either of them happen, sometimes it’s bad. The programs offer roughly the same benefits as each other but the type of content that you get will vary depending on the type of trading that you would be interested it. With so many different people providing their own program, it’s really hard to keep track of it all. Still, there are people who got rich from trading. Somebody like Rayner Teo.

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If you look at all of the thumbnails from the videos that Rayner uploaded on his YouTube channel in 2013, you will drown in a sea of screenshots of charts for a certain stock in the market. It’s kind of intimidating just looking at all those thumbnails. It’s just a bunch of lines going up and down. Why does it feel so hard to understand? The first video that was available on his channel had him explain candlestick patterns through Microsoft Paint. Yes, Microsoft Paint. At this point, Rayner hasn’t really show his face that much on camera. The production of the video is what you kind of expect from something who is just starting in doing content. Audio is passable, for the most part. But it could have been a bit louder.

According to the about page on his website, Rayner first got into trading when a foreign exchange broker went to his school to do a trading competition. I guess that’s a thing that happens in Singapore? For a business hub like Singapore, it sort of makes sense. But it’s still such a weird thing to have. Are there high schoolers or freshmen in college immediately interested in forex trading?

So Rayner joined the competition thinking it would be easy. But, boy, was he wrong. His account blew up in just two days. But it was through that failure that Rayner decided that he would studying anything and everything he can with regards to trading. Even then, he wasn’t really earning that consistently in it. So he decided to apply for a job at a proprietary trading company so that he could have a bit more experience and learn from those who have gotten used to it. He got rejected in a bunch of the companies that he interviewed for. But he managed to find a job as a futures trader.

He didn’t really last long in that job. After a few years, Rayner decided to pursue trading on his own. That’s where his brand Trading With Raynor and the website for it started. It mostly started out as blog chronicling his journey through trading. There really was a moment when blogs were a thing. A lot of people still blog and have managed to expand it into a brand. Somehow that just happens when you’ve amassed an audience that you cultivated through your content.

Rayner has been earning consistently through trading. It’s no wonder that he has a net worth of at least $1,000,000. Like a lot of the other people that I have seen with a specific expertise, they tend to offer training or mentorships programs. Whether it be e-commerce or trading, it’s likely that people who found success in a certain thing would often programs that could potentially help people find success in that thing.

Looking at his trading academy, it seems that there are a lot of beginner courses that he offers for free. It makes sense that you would give people a sample of the work that they do. Some of the information are also available elsewhere for free. So it’s great that most of the easier to digest information are available for everyone to access. The thing that you will have to pay is a mentorship program. You can choose between a package that costs $490 or $990 for an annual subscription. The difference between those two packages is that the more expensive one has live Q&A sessions and priority email support. That’s definitely a lot of money for people who have yet to begin with trading.

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