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RE Mentor

RE Mentor is one of those real estate programs where there’s an opportunity to partner with ‘em directly… Sort of. Lemme explain. Here, you’ll have to find desirable multifamily properties, hook it up with a contract, and then bring it to RE Mentor for assessment. If it’s a good deal, RE Mentor will complete the rest of the business transaction as your “partner” and give you a commission. Sounds good on paper, but there’s a problem.

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You see, it may sound simple, but finding deals, including the bad ones, would require significant effort and time on your part. You have to get out there, put bandit signs all over the place, and even knock door-to-door like an Avon lady handing out brochures that you’ll probably only use to wipe ya ass if there’s another TP shortage.

If you want none of that on-site visit, which is understandable BTW since this opportunity is marketed as “work anywhere” typa sh*t, it’ll require you a significant amount of cash instead. Marketing ain’t cheap, and so are Facebook ads. You’re gonna need to pay that outta ya pocket.

But hey, it’s all gonna be worth it if you got a deal approved, right? Riiiight? Well, actually, no. Not when you’ll never get a deal approved here, like ever. Worse, it’s like getting denied but with extra steps. Means they’ll beat around the bush and say the deal is fine, just need more info. But then, they won’t provide any proof of funds and sponsor to get the said info.

The ending? The negotiation would be stalled until eventually the deal falls through. Same results as getting a flat-out no right from the assessment. Of course, it’s worse because it’s the real estate equivalent of getting blue-balled.

They’ll make ya think that you’re about to get that nice commission since their “experts” will take the wheel after the assessment, and complete the transaction quick and hassle-free. But nope, it seems like they have no interest in doing any multifamily investments at all. Afterall, getting money from selling business opportunities is easier. About that…

Not only you’ll do all this grunt work of finding deals, you also have to pay RE Mentor to become their “partners” and be able to submit a deal for assessment. The things you do to get a deal should actually earn you a salary, yet you’ll be the one paying here. No way I’ll call this a legit partnership… More like partner’s sh*t since RE Mentor does nothing well besides squeezing you dry.

They really does nothing well and lotta reviews would say a-f*cking-men to that. For example, a certain lady named Delores mentions how old, outdated, and poorly-produced RE Mentor’s course materials are. For the cost of the program, she expected much more guidance and support (as she should). Speaking of cost, the price of RE Mentor’s offers range from $1,500 up to $50,000.

RE Mentor Reviews

Then, there’s TBone who mentions that RE Mentor is a total scam, and he felt like he’s in a bad infomercial. He’s probably talking about the three-day live seminar like Francis who mentions leaving after an hour since the said seminar is just a pitch for the pricier offers. “We didn’t get to ask questions, the content was lame, and the presentation was just psychological techniques to get us to sign up,” Francis adds.

Even RE Mentor’s founder David “Dave” Lindahl does nothing well, even in his personal life. Why, he can’t keep his hands and d*ck to himself, and molested a young boy (“whenever he could get the opportunity,” says the victim too). No kidding, he got sued for child r*pe in 1991 and pleaded guilty. He should’ve been behind bars much longer for that nasty sh*t, but here he is, a free man pretending to be a goody two shoes guru (he’s not).

In any case your moral compass is whack and don’t give a damn about any of Dave’s personal issues, lemme just say that he has legal troubles on the business side as well. In 2018, he actually got a complaint charging him with negligent mismanagement of real estate investment funds. He just loves getting everyone f*cked in the ass, literally and figuratively, it seems like. That being said, this RE Mentor of his is something I obviously won’t recommend.

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