Make Real Estate Real Review (Jemal King)

Jemal King

Jemal King shares everything he knows about real estate in his Make Real Estate Real program. Known as the “9-5 millionaire,” he claims that you can build a generational wealth through real estate without quitting your 9-5 job. “You are one property away from living the life you want to live so don’t miss this opportunity,” Jamal remarked on his promotional video that guarantees a passive income regardless of experience. Skeptic? Read the Make Real Estate Real review below to learn if you should be.

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Make Real Estate Real is a program that provides training lessons and services relevant to building a successful real estate business. It was founded by Jemal King, a professional real estate investor who created multi-million businesses while still working as a 9-5 police officer in Chicago. Together with his team, he promised to help start and build a successful property portfolio for those who enrolled in the program.

The Training lessons (coined as Accredited Real Estate Investing Course) are divided into 5 groups namely Getting You Started, Choosing Your Type Of Investment, Financing Your Investments, Adding Value and Managing Your Properties, and Protecting Your Investments.

The first group includes modules that covers basics of setting financial goals, identifying profitable properties before investing, and building your personal and business credit. The modules are titled as follows: The Investor Mindset Masterclass, 5 Rules Of Investing Masterclass, and Credit Repair And Leverage Masterclass.

The second group covers some strategies in real estate such as wholesaling, fix and flip, and buy and hold in three modules named after the said strategies.

For the third group, three modules are included namely Hard Money Financing Masterclass, Conventional Financing Masterclass, and Contracts And Entities Masterclass. In Hard Money Financing Masterclass, information on how to fund your investments through different financing options such as hard money lenders, private lenders, partnerships, and joint ventures are included. On the other hand, Conventional Financing Masterclass outline ways to get the best interest rates on mortgages. For Contracts and Entities Masterclass, all the knowledge needed to setup your business entity and contracts are discussed.

Fourth group outlines how to add value in property with renovations, how to get good quality tenants, and how to apply for life and business insurance through its modules. The modules are titled as follows: Renovation Masterclass, Property Management Masterclass, and Insurance Masterclass.

Finally, the fifth group provides insights on dealing with crisis and pandemic through the Financing Your Properties In The Crisis Masterclass. It also includes discussion on real estate law and best accounting practices on Real Estate Law Masterclass and Protecting Your Assets Masterclass, respectively.

The cost for lifetime access to the entire training lessons is a onetime payment of $997. There is also a subscription offer at $97 that includes other services such as Bi-weekly Premium Coaching, up-to-date market data relevant to real estate, access to a network of hard money lenders, and membership to a Facebook networking and support group.

Make Real Estate Real Review

The course is a very comprehensive one at 15 Masterclass modules and over 70 video lectures. Its cohesiveness is also applaudable; there is not a single topic that seems out of place and unnecessary for a real estate course. It is not cheap and have no apparent refund policies in its site but it is still more affordable than other real estate courses such as Subto. If you are interested in real estate, this course is worth it for you.

However, it is important to note that real estate is not for everyone. It is a very capital-intensive business especially for its proven strategies. For example, rental property investments require at least $100,000 of capital. The liquidity aspect of real estate also means that you cannot promptly sold your properties during emergencies, so it is not advisable for someone from middle class to start a business this way. With the risk brought by the pandemic such as possibility of an overheating housing market, it is better to hold out on any real estate investments until the pandemic ends.

In conclusion, the course is very commendable in terms of its high quality training lessons. It is not a scam and a worthy course to buy if you want to learn in-depth information about real estate. However, the passive income from real estate promised by the course is far from guaranteed due to the current pandemic situation.

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