Reality Creator Review (Quazi Johir)

Quazi Johir

Quazi Johir of Reality Creator believes that there needs to be a shift in you. It’s not enough to manifest and hold on to the so-called law of attraction. Instead, you have to become the renewed version of yourself in order to attract your desires. That’s what Quazi says, anyway. “Anything you want can be had,” he added. Could this be the missing puzzle piece that’ll let you build your wealth? Find out in my review below.

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Ever wonder why the heck did I associate a mindset conditioning program to building wealth? Well, it’s because the free movie slash training video posted in Reality Creator dot com starts off by associating their program to scaling businesses. Something along the lines of “this is going to reveal to you why you haven’t hit your revenue goals that you think about all the time.” What if I’m getting my desired income figures, will they keep the same energy? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t appreciate them  welcoming their viewers with negativity.

Anyway, the guy speaking in the video, probably Quasi, swears that what you need is one simple but long lasting internal change. Once you make such, the right state of flow and abundance will follow. He didn’t bother to ask what industry you are in – whether you’re in real estate, eCommerce, sales, or whatever. It doesn’t matter because, again, you’re just one right mindset and identity away from your “bare minimum.”

Let me get this straight. By default, I’m not really against mindset conditioning and life coaching programs. As long as it’s not overpriced and you don’t take it as a substitute for a psychiatrist visit, then it’s usually okay to me. It’s like being part of a certain clique that you can associate yourself with. Who knows, it could be a thing that’ll keep you on track and motivated.

However, the majority of these programs are charging exorbitant prices for a program they’ll underdeliver. They usually promise you the whole world and back, but what’s on the other side of the program is just overpriced mind wanking stuff. But they’ll  keep on bullsh*tting anyway as it’s hard to prove them wrong. ‘Member that you’re dealing with abstract concepts (mind and/or spirit) that you really can’t quantify. And they can usually get away with disclaimers.

In the case of Reality Creator, a disclaimer in the site states that “You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings.” I beg to disagree with conviction. Like, b*tch, you don’t say BS right at my face. The free movie training alone is luring people to Reality Creator to apparently “get out of the income plateau.” Hell, even the free Mind Control course (link to it is sent via email, btw) is mentioned to have helped Quasi scale his business  to $100k a month. If that isn’t an implication of earnings, I don’t know what is.

Reality Creator Review

To add, another eye-squinting disclaimer would be them writing that the price “bears no relationship to objective standards.” There’s no getting ripped off here, I guess. Price is just a number you arbitrarily assigned to a product and that doesn’t mean anything at all. Not an implication of quality and/or value here unlike the majority of products ever… f*ck that, did Quazi’s “new renewed identity” made him write this sh*t? I’m talking about the entirety of earnings disclaimer brimming with loopholes in case you didn’t like or get your money’s worth on his program.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Reality Creator and its Reality Mastery program. There’s nothing written on the site regarding the price, but Reality Creator would likely cost you around $2,000 up. Too pricey for something that is comparable to the videos Quasi posted on his YouTube channel. And it’s not my words, it’s from a past student of his who regretted the purchase of Reality Mastery program because what’s over the paywall isn’t that different outside. 

Personally, I wouldn’t take any of these mindset conditioning courses if what I’m after is scaling my biz. There’s a right technical course for that depending on the industry you’re in. To answer the question above, I don’t think Reality Creator is the missing puzzle piece of building your wealth. Don’t let it do the opposite of the latter by purchasing it, you’ve been warned.

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