Rebel Builders Review (Zach Spear)

Zach Spear

Zach Spear starts his Rebel Builders’ sales pitch by saying that the old way of doing MLM is so 1980s. It’s not a compliment, but a subtle dig on how outdated the usual MLM strategies are. Forcing your family, friends, and neighbors into your thang; posting very cliché photos of you being your own boss that barely hits; and cold calling, in general. Don’t be like that, says Zach, and follow what he teaches in his course instead.

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Zach’s offer is not necessarily an MLM itself, but a better way to recruit and get a downline on another MLM. Something that gets favorable results unlike the traditional methods that usually leads to a sh*t ton of rejections. “The dream of achieving financial freedom using anything remotely close to traditional methods to build MLM is dead,” he adds. 

Him being a firm believer that the traditional methods suck doesn’t mean that he also believes MLMs suck. Obviously, he’s the opposite as he discovered his method via joining MLMs himself. He has first hand experience of how bothering your fam and spamming of Facebook posts doesn’t do jack sh*t. Nothing good happened until he screamed  “screw it” and changed his mindset of doing whatever it takes to succeed as long as it’s ethical. And he did succeed, but him suggesting that he’ll sacrifice any sacred cow for this gives the hint of what to come – not a horde of angry Hindus (unfortunately), but some unethical biz from him. Him saying that he’ll stick to ethical means is just a lie.

And oh, he also believes in the power of dreams. I found this comment of his hilarious because it somehow suggests what I think of any MLMs – a biz that’s only selling a dream. But no need to talk about that. Instead, let’s find out what he describes on the site as a hidden loophole that allows him to recruit over thirty people a month while earning money upfront regardless of recruits turning into quitters.

Simply put, his key to being successful at MLM is not selling it as it is. MLM has a bad reputation for decades, rightfully so, and people, with the exception of suckers, tend to stay the f*ck away from something usually associated with a scam. That’s why you don’t sell your offer as MLM and instead, you package it differently in a way that people would pay you thousand bucks to know what it is. He calls this method leveraged recruiting.

You don’t go out there and say “Hey there, would you like to join my super sweet MLM?” just as Zach mentions. You build a relationship first with your target people. And that is without mentioning MLM at all. Instead, what you’ll offer is an opportunity to learn something new and enticing at a price. Add social media influencers to promote your links for cheap and you got yourself a lead magnet with a high conversion rate.

Rebel Builders Review

Wait a damn second, is Rebel Builders an example of his leveraged recruiting? From the looks of it, it probably is. For the first time, I dislike someone practicing what they’re preaching. Not him getting paychecks for a course (Rebel Builders cost around $1,247) while possibly luring you to become one of his downlines. 

His course is not the worst application of the method, though. At the very least, he’s still mentioning MLMs left and right. What about the few who’ll completely follow his method to a T including automating the previous method? They won’t drop any hints of their sh*t as MLM and they’ll bait you with something else. Unknowingly to you, they’re doing their “magic” to influence you once successfully baited, so you’ll end up in their MLMs. If you somehow didn’t end up as a downline, you’re still bamboozled and a thousand bucks or two poorer. No sacred cows are hurt here, but this is highkey unethical too.

But wait, there’s more. Remember Zach suggesting the use of social media influencers to promote your links? It’s cheap because you’re essentially exploiting those who “have no idea how much their reach is actually worth.” This is the reason he switched his focus to influencer marketing despite starting out with paid ads. Can’t pay piss poor compensation to paid ads, that’s why. Thus, I obviously won’t recommend Rebel Builders. In fact, I won’t recommend any MLM or a course about it at all. It’s either you get tricked or be the trickster yourself, and I say hell nah to both.

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