Recession Proof Academy Review (Him500)

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Him500 (Real Name: Marcus Barney) shows you that he’s living his best life right now. Having a fancy home (complete with a swimming pool), traveling around the world, eating expensive delicacies, you’ll even see him wearing plenty of expensive jewelry. But he assures you that you can also live the life that he has, that it’s actually achievable. It’s always a matter of having the right financial strategy, especially with regard to your credit. And he’s going to teach what he knows in his Recession Proof Academy online course. But should you listen to him? Find out in my review.

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Him500 fancies himself as a “Financial Strategist.” Ever since he was 18 years old, Marcus has been in the world of business. His first business venture was with real estate. However, during the housing crisis in 2008, his business collapsed. The next business venture that he undertook focused on selling mobile phones. He even opened his first mobile phone store when he was 23 years of age. Again, he had to close down his mobile phone business, but this time, he claimed that the blame was on him this time.

He said he didn’t know the importance of managing his finance and using his credit well. And so with that experience, he started to study all about the finance and credit world. Today, he started to vneutre into real estate once again. Only this time, he’s now more successful thanks to everything he learned. He also runs a credit repair business. And thanks to all his finance training, he also started selling finance education courses for others. One of his most well-known training programs is the Recession Proof Xtreme.

Recession Proof Xtreme is an online course that aims to teach their students about proper financial management, essentially making them “recession-proof” (hence, the name). Here, you’ll learn how to raise and repair your credit score, so you can secure a loan to fund your needs (usually, when you’re starting a business.) You’ll also learn here how to save plenty of money on other things, like when you want to travel around, or when you’re getting your own car. The online course is then further broken down into four sections, which tackles a different financial training aspect.

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The first section is about Financial Literacy. In this section, you’ll be taught everything about how you can fix your own credit score, without resorting to a credit repair service. In fact, this section also teaches you how you can set up your own credit repair business, if you wish. It includes lessons like cleaning up your credit report in under 60 days, getting your credit score to over 750, as well as starting, and even scaling, your own credit repair business.

The second section is called “Tradeline Business,” and will cover everything about tradeline selling with your credit card. Tradeline selling is when you allow a complete stranger authorized access to your own credit card, for a cost. The main goal of this kind of service is to allow others who have little to no credit history to build up their own credit score, without them applying for their own credit card. A fair warning, though. While tradeline selling may seem to be a profitable side hustle at first glance, it’s also rather risky. While small, there’s still a chance that you’ll be affected by possible data breaches, or, even worse, a reduction of your own credit score.

The third section is called Personal And Business Funding, and covers securing credit and getting low-interest rates for your personal and business loans. It covers lessons like how to create and market a funding company, a secret to obtaining 12 credit card formulas with only 4 inquiries, how to obtain up to $250,000 with personal credit, building and establishing business credit, with and without a PG (Personal Grantor), and how to obtain up to $250,000 in business credit interest-free for 12-18 months.

The fourth and final section is called Strategies And Luxury Car Hacks. And true to its name, this section covers how you can travel to your dream locations and lease luxury cars, all without spending too much. And as you can see, you won’t find anything business-related in this section. But it could be useful if you want to treat yourself to a new, fancy car, or a vacation. In addition to the core training provided by the Recession Proof Xtreme course, you’ll also get additional training materials and bonuses on other related subjects, such as Facebook Ads training, selling eBooks, free access to Him500’s Recession Proof events, and others.

Recession Proof Xtreme costs a one-time payment of at least $3,497 to enroll. If you avail for today, however, you can get it for a huge discount and enroll in the program for only $497. But the usefulness of paying for this training program can be doubtful. Since your personally trusted financial advisor may probably do an equal, if not better, job of teaching you about almost everything that contains in this course. And not only that, but it’s more tailored to your lifestyle, so it’s easier to follow. While this course teaches you some ways to make money as a side hustle, there are other online courses that do a much better job of teaching mostly everything that this course teaches. Overall, not really worth the price.

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