Recruiting Accelerator Review (Jon Chintanaroad)

Jon Chintanaroad

Jon Chintanaroad is very active in plugging his own Recruiting Accelerator program. In his personal Facebook account, his recent posts, aside from posts about his newborn baby, are all about Recruiting Accelerator. I do respect the hustle, I’ll take that over gurus who won’t bother updating as if they’re locked behind prison bars or sum. Still, Jon making strides on making his social media presence felt doesn’t mean Recruiting Accelerator is good. Reason why I’ll review it down below.

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First off, let me reveal who Jon is beyond being a founder of Recruiting Accelerator. To start, he’s a Bay area dude who earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of California. His entire work experience revolves around recruitment. He’s a recruiter at AppleOne, a senior recruiter at The Mice Groups, and lead recruiter at  Premier Talent Partners.

However, the experience he’s bragging about in his coaching program is the lone experience where his label isn’t related to recruitment. Although, yeah, the biz is still related to recruitment, nonetheless. The said biz? It’s none other than Aspire Recruiting LLC, a recruitment biz he co-founded with Mike Prestano. And yeah, this dude Mike is the lead recruiter here while he, Jon, is the managing director.

That being said, Jon creating a coaching program to “help people start and grow their own profitable recruiting businesses” is not out of the blue. You might wonder whether he can manage his own biz while doing this coaching gig. Well, let me put it by saying that nobody said he needs to manage both.

If you don’t quite get it, I actually have some tea for ya. I don’t think issa scalding hot one, but tea’s a tea. Before I spill it, however, let me go over the deets you must know ‘bout his Recruiting Accelerator. Described by Jon as his life’s work, Recruiting Accelerator is a step-by-step system that’ll put you at the top of the recruitment pyramid which, in turn, enables you to have “enviable living” as a recruiting business owner.

Another thing worth mentioning is the two-part approach of the program. The first part is about applying a system. What Jon used before, you apply, essentially. The second part would be applying yourself to the biz, your own flava and mind. To them, your mind is the best edge you can have and they’ll make sure that it actually is by training you to have a confidence, ambition, and focus heavy mindset.

While we’re at it, let me discuss the the inclusion of the program. Aside from their so-called cutting edge program materials (i.e. the core training), you’ll also get one-on-one coaching calls twice a week and access to a close knit (or so he says) Recruiting Accelerator community. The price of Recruiting Accelerator? Well, Jon’s Recruiting Accelerator probably cost around $3k.

So, what’s the tea, then? Actually, I got this from seeing his Aspire Recruiting having “daddy” issues. When I say that, I mean that its site is parked free on GoDaddy. Turns out, Aspire Recruiting is no more since 2018 and probably out of commission forever. The reason why I implied earlier that he doesn’t need to manage both a recruitment biz and coaching program at the same time. He actually doesn’t, pfft.

Recruiting Accelerator Review

I got issues here because one, he started Recruiting Accelerator around 2019, a year after he stopped involving himself directly in the recruitment space. Sure, he has a lotta experience already, but why start a coaching program right after he’s gone out of it? Like, isn’t it more ideal to start coaching while you’re doing the thang yourself? Walk the talk.

Second, if his system will apparently put you on top of the recruitment pyramid, why did it fail on doing the same promise on his own thang? From the very few articles that mention Jon, I had a feeling that Aspire Recruiting is a flop. It was mentioned before that it was lowkey struggling, with Jon and his co-founder Mike frequently clashing from the stress of not hitting their monthly income target. It’s so bad that both of ‘em undergo a therapy similar to those for couples to make amends.

Bragging his system that failed his very own biz? Hell nah. If the system was good as advertised, he won’t be out here focusing his all on the coaching program. He said it himself that the recruitment biz is lucrative, so why not run one? Or is it not? I understand running both, but dropping the actual biz in favor of a coaching one? Too fishy. Hence, I won’t be recommending Recruiting Accelerator anytime soon. Sorry Jon!

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