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Vince Reed is the founder of the done-for-you advertising agency called Set Up My Ads. He labels himself as a “senior citizen” in the digital marketing space (and is proud of it). “Senior citizen” means he isn’t actually that biologically old, but it means that he’s been doing digital marketing for quite some time now, like over a decade or more. Basically, placing small little ads all over the internet, and making himself millions of dollars in the process. you can easily tell that he has a vast amount of experience when it comes to digital marketing, but would that be enough to make you consider buying his program? Let’s find out in this Set Up My Ads review.

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A little background about Vince first. While today, he has plenty of experience in digital marketing, he didn’t start as someone being tech-oriented. In fact, he hardly knew how to send an email. He also used to be quite active in real estate as a broker, but the 2008 market crash caused him to lose quite a lot of his own money. Thus, he was forced to decide: Should he learn Google ads, or should he apply for a job flipping burgers? Thankfully, he chose to learn Google ads, so he sold what is left of his recently closed real estate business, including the furniture and computers, and started out. He saw an ad about making money online, clicked it, and the rest, they say is history.

Vince says that to be successful in online marketing, you should be aware of the 8 common, but fatal, mistakes some advertisers do. The first mistake is simply not advertising. Not doing anything and just waiting for customers allows others to steal your customers and opportunities. The second mistake and this goes hand-in-hand with the first, is asking people the wrong questions in an attempt to pitch to them your product or service. Those inappropriate questions or ineffective wordings will surely set people off. The third mistake is spamming other people’s ads, by promoting and linking your offer inside their ad comments. Basically, hijacking their traffic. It doesn’t work and only makes you stupid. Period.

The fourth mistake is the “I’m cleaning my friend’s list. Comment below or get deleted/unfriended.” It’s very stupid, very lame, and quite a pathetic way to get attention. As a marketer, you need to expand your network as much as possible, not shrink it. If you are really popular and have a lot of friends, you may direct them to a fan page or other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, etc. The fifth mistake is posting to your timeline something like this, “Who else wants to make $10,000 per month fast, for free, and without doing any work.” This only attracts low-level people.

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The sixth mistake is not building a list of leads. And it’s not just about your email list, because there are lots of ways to build your list. Other examples would be organic followers, YouTube subscribers, viewers, audiences that you can retarget, and so on and so forth. To achieve this, you have to add value to your content so that you can retarget, people have the reason to follow, get hooked, opt-in, and eventually buy. The seventh mistake will be when you don’t even email, call, or run ads to your list. This is not just a one-time activity where you send one e-mail or message and expect these leads to buy from you. You need to repeat this process as much as possible, until they build their trust in you. Of course, try not to be spammy or annoying in your approach

The final mistake, and arguably the most important one, is stealing other people’s ideas or content without giving them credit. Of course. It has a lot of red flags. Not only it’s unethical, but also illegal. Plagiarism is a big no-no and could get you in trouble in court. Besides, if people find out that your content is something they have seen before, they would be instantly turned off. Thus, your content should be as original and come from your own ideas. This will instantly reflect in your marketing campaign, and since it comes “from the heart,” it’ll become your trademark, and will remember you everytime they see that offer.

Vince Reed’s Set Up My Ads program is a service where it utilizes the abilities of various paid ads to increase your leads and conversions as a whole. While it’s effective, it’s also going to be pricey, as you’ll be relying on paid ads, obviously. If you want something that doesn’t rely on paid strategies, yet is still able to achieve the same level of leads and conversions as this (possibly even more), then check out our proven process for making, ranking, and renting small, simple websites. It’s stable, more meaningful, and even has a great potential for passive income. Click on the link below to learn more about it.

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