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Regentology Review – Reddit, BBB, Trustpilot!


Regentology, getting its name from words real estate and technology, is offering real estate services online as expected. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or a real estate agent, they got something for you. However, what made their name a topic in lotta chatters is their state of the art AI-based CRM for agents. Is it really state of the art good or nah? Let’s see what Reddit, BBB, and Trustpilot peeps say about it. My Regentology review starts below.

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Before diving right in with their lead generation offer in real estate, let’s go over their service for buyers and sellers first. For both, Regentology would extend help on pairing ‘em up with the right professionals. The said professionals are usually none other than the real estate agents from their very own network.

For buyers, these agents will help in looking for the ideal home within your budget, get it pre-approved, and then they’ll do the necessary negotiations to secure it. As listed on their site, Regentology’s mission on helping buyers is to “understand their needs, budget, and timeline while being available to assist every step of the way.”

Similarly, sellers will also get help from Regentology’s agents, but on selling. Why, Regentology clarifies that the selling process is more than meets the eye. With them, they’ll “streamline the process to quickly get you to the best part, multiple offers for your home.” Means they’ll try to sort out the selling quickly and at the best price possible.

Note that what Regentology says doesn’t mean that’s what Regentology does. I say this as a nod to what’s going to be revealed later. Don’t worry if you don’t get it yet, I know exactly what to say (or share rather) to get that light bulb flashing in ya noggin. So, to start, let me discuss what‘s this AI-based CRM first.

I hinted at this before, but the CRM is what’s behind the lead generation offer of Regentology. The AI-based label implies that the system is meant to generate thousands of leads from around the web. How they’ll get it in paid ads and digital marketing is all on them. All you have to do is sit down, relax, and pay the somewhat affordable price of $299, while waiting for the leads from Regentology. The promise is at least five leads a month.

Once they hand you out the leads, it’s your turn to work. You’ll follow up, build relationships, and eventually close a deal with the leads. If you manage to close one, that’s when you pay them a referral fee. They hype having this “no upfront fees” setup by implying that the leads they got are not junk or aren’t even looking. Initially, you’d think that they’re just confident of their leads being easy to close.

The irony here is that Regentology is actually infamously known for providing junk. The leads, besides “not looking” aka have zero interest in buying or selling, usually got the wrong info. Or plainly, they just don’t respond. If they do, it’d be in a violent manner, probably tired of getting nonstop unexpected calls. “It’s a great way to get a text every few weeks of worthless ‘leads’ and to get screamed at by a foreigner when you call to complain” as a redditor puts it.

Regentology Review – Reddit, BBB, Trustpilot!

The same sentiment can also be found on BBB. Leads are so bad that it got Regentology an equally bad “F” BBB rating. And oh, how could I forget them getting a ridiculous number of complaints, twenty one to be exact, in just a span of one year. The response should simply be improving their service, but no. They resort to bribes and threats instead. A BBB complaint summarizes how Regentology usually silences the truthers: A promise of resolution from them, but only if you took down the poor review first.

How about Trustpilot, then? Not much of a difference with Reddit and BBB if you filter out the praises that’s probably fake and planted. And yeah, I should note that this is the platform where I saw a noteworthy review that’s not from an agent, but from someone on the leads. He speculated that Regentology got his numbers from shady companies (just like Regentology anyway) offering hacked and stolen info.

With that, I’d say that the claim of Regentology on their CRM being state of the art is just BS. And obviously, I wouldn’t recommend them at all. Told ya, what they say doesn’t mean they do. What’s worse is they don’t simply underdeliver. They also actively cover their tracks to continue with their shady ways. Sounds like a scam.

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