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The Capital Syndicate Review (Awesome REI)

Lee Arnold 1

Lee Arnold is here once again to offer you another potential opportunity to earn money, specifically, online. He says that there’s a potential for earning passive income if you join his program. It’s called The Capital Syndicate, and he says that you’re taking advantage of the $71.6 billion private lending industry in order to draw some profits from it. And it only requires an internet connection. No license, credit, or experience required. And you don’t even have to work too hard or have a boss dictate your work actions just to earn money. So how does this work? Read on for my review.

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Are you familiar with the term “Private Money Brokering?” If not, then I’m going to introduce it to you here since this is how Lee Arnold’s business opportunity works. The idea is that you go out and find real estate investors who need money for the investment, refer them to Lee’s company (, which is Cogo Capital), and if the referral is successful, you’ll earn a commission. In an essence, it’s like you’re acting as a salesperson for Lee’s company, and how much you can earn from this system depends on the commissions that are given to you.

Lee Arnold has this to say when he talks about the program in his advertisement. “Knowing you’ve got a reliable process, that’s always working in the background to make you rich. That’s the jackpot. And today, I’m gonna serve it to you on a silver platter, by showing you a foolproof, almost completely automated side hustle that could easily replace your full-time income by this time next month. It’s got the potential to have you out-earning most doctors and lawyers, and yet it’s the easiest money you’ll ever come across. Takes just a few hours a week, in your spare time.”

“As I said, it required no previous skills or education and it can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection. I’m not messing around here. Do this and your average payday will be $3,662, and you could get paid as often as every 3–4 days. That’s 6-figures per year, easily! Without working yourself ragged for a boss that hands you a 2% raise every few years and expects you to be grateful for it. And without missing out on life because you don’t have the time or the energy to do anything else.”

“And you won’t have to pinch pennies and deal with the constant bellyache of living paycheck to paycheck. Look, I know you’ve seen all the options that promise a high-paying, low-effort, remote way of making a living. Like day trading, stocks, bonds, or starting an online business, or dropshipping, or selling products and services for somebody else, or even building a digital agency. This is so much better than any of that. No learning curve. Takes just a few weeks to take off. Doesn’t matter your age or background.”

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Lee also claims that it’s not just something that’s extremely trendy on one day, and will just fade in another. He claims that, for two decades, this business model has stuffed his pockets full of cash. The business model is constantly in demand. After all, real estate is always in demand as investors are constantly looking for properties to invest in (but they lack the capital to do so). Thus, it’s recession-proof. And Lee claims that he’s taught hundreds of average folks, just like you, how to tap into this same mysterious money machine. An example of this, he claims is a 72-year-old grandmother named Sheila, who thought it was too late to get ahead. But after she learned about this business, it’s claimed that she’s constantly laughing all the way to the bank before heading to Bingo.

Lee Arnold claims that it’s as easy as sending out a few emails, making some phone calls, and collecting a few documents. But as your goal here technically is to get leads for these private lenders, then it makes sense that you’re not limited to emails to accomplish that. You can run some paid ads (since organic may not work well in this sense), though this can cost plenty of money. Or you can go out there and hustle yourself if you want. Bandit signs, billboards, commercials on the radio, print ads, or even others. Or you can even attend real estate-related events and seminars and network yourself with some real estate brokers and agents. Basically, as long as you can find someone who’s interested in a private lending service to get the capital they need to invest, any marketing method can apply.

Basically, The Capital Syndicate contains various training materials for this business model. You’ll also get access to various tools, resources, scripts, legal documents, and even Lee’s own list of private lenders. There’s no mention of how much it costs, and you have to book a call with their team to figure it out. But I don’t think it’s worth it, because, for all the fancy words that Lee is saying, the bottomline of this is that you’re basically working for Lee and his Cogo Capital in the end. And to top it off, you need to pay for his program in order to earn money here. So you’re paying a company to essentially be their freelance employee? And that he’s essentially earning a larger percentage of the money while you do all the work? That sounds wrong…

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