REI Game Changers Review (James Hodges)

REI (Real Estate Investing) Game Changers goal is to equip real estate investors with the tools to build businesses that bring them financial and personal freedom. Sounds familiar right? That’s the goal of every program that people like James Hodges invented just to entice more people to sign up with them. I know you’ve heard it a million times and you’re still here, wondering if this program is right for you. Learn more on my review below.

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Let’s start things off by knowing who James Hodges is because who would want to work with someone who has a criminal/bad record of some sort, right? Well, you can remove your speculations on this man. He is a genuine, successful in a way, real estate investor, real estate coach and a speaker that apparently has helped 400+ other real estate investors scale up to multiple six to seven figures by utilizing advanced marketing, sales and team building strategies.

He closed his first real estate deal in 2018 and after 12 months, he earned himself $1.1 million in profit, another deal that earned him $900k after 6months. That’s $2 million in cash, just in 18 months. I’ve read several programs to notice that they’re all making some sort of a deadline of 18 calendar months in order to make a profit in real estate. Well not making any profit at all in any business after those one and a half years will surely make you question yourself and life choices you’ve made, yah?

REI Game Changers established non-negotiable values which are already instituted at the core of the company, as well as to the founder, the team and eventually willing to share and instill these values to their future clients as well. Relentless pursuit of excellence, extreme ownership and steadfast integrity which when all are combined will lead you to a life blessed with personal and financial freedom. This will only be made possible if you have the right systems in place, so they say.

They’re one of many who believe that making cold calls, direct mails, and making door-to-door appointments are a thing of the past. They wanted to change how to do things, with respect to using the current technologies that we have right now, and there’s nothing wrong in doing that. We all now believe in automation and such for faster and more efficient ways of doing work. With this, you can spend more time with the people you love hanging out with.

Their Acceleration Program is a 6-month long program that helps their clients master advanced marketing strategies, sales processes that allows them to close more deals with higher profit margins. They also implement systems and processes that allow the owner to build a team and replace themselves in the frontline, meaning there will be someone who will eventually do the work for them, instead of doing it by him/herself and making them 6 to 7-figure passive income. What a life, right?

They claim to have coached almost 400+ investors alla across the United States, allowing them to identify all the trends to actually set a margin that can easily convince people that their program actually works. They also customize marketing plans set by their clients to make it more effective based on the client’s current situation. This just shows that they have great customer support to offer to their clients. 

James believes that the more money you put into your marketing and sales, the faster you’ll be able to scale up. He has invented a method where it is like a magnet that pulls the two opposite parties together. They called it the Flywheel method where it uses a combination of inbound marketing channels where they attract the motivated sellers and outbound marketing channels that provide targeted control of daily lead volume (clients).

They didn’t mention anything about the cost of the program but they can personally tell it to you once you give them a private call yourself but costs of programs like this are known to scale depending on the goal you’ve set to achieve. I wouldn’t say that this program is a scam but there is still a lack of transparency in many places that needs to be available for the people who are thinking of REI Game Changers as an option, which can only make you second-guess the program.

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