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Reliable Education Review (Adam Hudson)

Adam Hudson

Adam Hudson never fails to flash a big wide smile after saying a sentence. It’s like his rather interesting way of coping with pauses and dead air… which is, btw, just a very brief period of silence because he talks a lot. What I’ve mentioned is very on-brand of him as he’s known for his motivational talks. How about his knowledge on Amazon FBA, then? That’s what really matters in Reliable Education which I’ll be reviewing down below.

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For you to get the whole picture, let’s talk about Reliable Education first. In the program’s site, it’s indicated that Reliable Education is more than just an online business course. It’s not just a mere collection of training videos about Amazon FBA, but also an avenue to connect with like-minded professionals. Here, you’ll also be inspired to “tap into a bigger purpose than just money” and gain motivation to truly succeed in life….

The influence of Adam being a Tony Robbins wannabe is quite strong here. I think it’s quite obvious with how Reliable Education markets themselves. And yes, Adam and his team behind the program is serious on the so-called bigger purpose. Not only are they committed to giving back to the community themselves, they’re also involving their students with hands-on charity works. They’re also extending a micro-loan to kiva dot org, a site for crowdfunding loans to help those rejected by conventional lenders, for every purchase of the program.

The things they do to show the bigger purpose is a cool gesture. Not that bad despite not being personally impressed with their chosen commitment on every purchase. I may sound demanding, but I think anyone selling an expensive ass program like them (spoiler alert!) could afford to give a “true” donation instead of a loan only. But whatever, they’re still, ahem, lending a helping hand regardless. This side of the program doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, anyway.

What really matters is the quality of their training. Unsurprisingly, Adam’s love of not shutting the f*ck up adversely affected the thang. He’s filling the tutorials that’s supposedly for FBA how to’s with too much mindset fluff. Not that you don’t need it, but it’s drowning the technical stuff, if there’s one at all, in the modules.  And yes, there are modules that are just rah rah talks that you’ll get tired of seeing Adam’s smile more and more (which may be looking more like a sly grin at this point).

In the current state of Amazon, your will to succeed should already be there, definitely not something you get along the way of learning the thang, given the competitive as ever seller space of it. And yet, having the strongest of will is not enough here. You also need some good info backed by data and analytics to run the biz. I’m talking about info on picking a product to sell, sourcing your suppliers, and running PPC ads. Those kind of things. Adam and his Reliable Education fails to deliver on that regard.

Reliable Education Review

Aside from the fluff, some of the training on certain topics are just weak. An example would be the training on PPC. To me and mostly everybody in the know about FBA, PPC is difficult yet the key thing to consider when you want a successful FBA store. Adam didn’t care anyway and added his subpar training in it like it’s just an afterthought. Not to mention the chunk of the program dedicated to promoting upsells that are annoyingly too many.

Finally, the program severely lacks extra resources, the must-haves for Amazon sellers. No templates and no downloadable content here except for some sh*tty mindmap, if that counts at all. It’s not acceptable given that Reliable Education costs a whopping $3,497 for one time payment or $997 for four monthly payments. That pricey with only three one-on-one coaching session too, f*cking yikes.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Adam’s Reliable Education. The overall sh*ttiness of this overpriced program doesn’t help with my dislike of FBA as a business model. And let me get this straight, I’m not letting my feelings, like my obvious dislike of FBA, cloud my judgement. I give some flowers to the real ones too, like the top three FBA coaches in this review. However, I can also confidently say that Reliable Education won’t crack the top list anytime soon. A bottom three listing is much probable, TBH.

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