Remote Closing Academy Review (Cole Gordon)

Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon of Remote Closing Academy says that if you can work this one skill, specifically the skill of selling, then you can literally go work anywhere while earning five figures a month. I don’t disagree that sales is cool and all, but Cole’s been promoting learning this as an easy-peasy thing to do. Spoiler alert, it’s not and one reason why I can’t recommend a sales gig and his course. Continue reading below to know more.

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What is this Remote Closing Academy, you might ask? Well, it’s just another online training course that teaches you how to be a remote closer. Specifically, you’ll be trained how to sell high-ticket products via online meeting in Zoom or Skype. High-ticket products being expensive also means higher commission for you while you’re basically living a “laptop lifestyle.” Newbies are also welcomed as their FAQ states that that the course is “designed to help people with little to no sales experience ramp up to KPI within 4-8 weeks.” Huh, my BS radar is tingling right now, no offense to newbies but you’re likely NGMI (crypto bros’ buzz word for failing) in sales that quick, but let’s see what Cole’s webinar has to say.

From the webinar, the program promises to set you up in their recruitment pipeline and get an interview from Cole’s personal Rolodex of 180+ business partners such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Frank Kern, Jay Abraham, Aleric Heck, Todd Brawn, Rich Schefren, Tanner Chidester, and Jeff Lerner. They’ll also teach you how to source your own inbound closer opportunities outside Cole’s suggestions, but the former is, by far, their most lucrative offer. Something that will make you say “shut up and take my money” like Futurama’s Fry. Oh, Cole also mentions that you’ll now have a flexible schedule unlike being stuck in a 9-5 cubicle job.

Unfortunately, the promise is nothing but lies and Cole is just a promise breaker. Reviews outside their own site and social media says that the moon turning blue is more probable than getting an interview from Cole’s partners. It checks out since Cole doesn’t seem to hire his own students on Remote Closing Academy on his other biz called If he is, he won’t be posting a job opening for a remote sales representative. Looking at the requirements, it confirms what I feel is BS from the start. And that is not needing any experience in closing deals. Cole himself posted this in the job description in big bold letters: “Please DO NOT apply to this position if you have less than 6 months of sales experience.” If Cole won’t hire you despite being trained by himself, then why do you think someone else will?

Remote Closing Academy Review

Another tidbit from the job opening is that it’s probably worse than 9-5 job in terms of flexibility (yes, another lie from Cole). I mean, he’s not open for anyone who’s not willing to work 50-60 hours a week if needed. 9-5 jobs are usually just 40 hours a week. The pay is also commission-based instead of a steady income. This means no kaching for you if you can’t close any deals, you might get fired even.  Sure, it might net more money if you’re good but at the expense of time flexibility, job and financial security, and most importantly, mental stability.

To add, I also doubt you’ll learn sales from Cole’s course. Being good at sales requires being charismatic, articulate, and knowledgeable in what you’re selling. Being all of that usually takes years of practice depending on your current skill level and talent. It isn’t something you can get on a course like Cole’s that you finish in two weeks. Just like how there’s no legit “get rich quick” schemes, there’s also no shortcut to learning several complicated skills.

To conclude, I don’t recommend Cole and his rather overpriced Remote Closing Academy course at $7,500 – $8,400 (depends on what they quote after a phone call). There’s no way you’ll be a guaranteed expert as a remote closer after splurging thousands of dollars on Cole. Life is not always like a pay-to-win videogame where all it takes is paying a lot to get good… definitely not the case in learning sales and closing high-ticket deals, at least. If you’re also looking for a side-hustle and a biz with steady income, then sales and its usual commission-based payment is not for you.

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