Exotic Car Rental Academy Review (Ethan Duran)

Ethan Duran

Ethan Duran asserts that where you’re starting from doesn’t really matter in an exotic car rental biz. You can easily go from zero to hero in the said biz as long as you have a winning system to copy. And a winning system is what he has, or so he says, on the other side of his Exotic Car Rental Academy. Is his system and course legit? Find out in my review below.

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One thing is for certain, the spelling error at the very start of his introductory video isn’t an ideal way to get the ball rolling. And I know, some might argue that I’m just being a grammar nazi for nothing. That I should look in the mirror first because the way I write would probably get zero marks on an English class for having too many expletives alone. Bitch, please. 

Don’t drag me like that and stop suckin’ off Ethan’s d*ck. I write like this because I want to… I mean to. I’m also not selling a course for five grand. Ethan, on the other hand, tried to be formal, but obviously failed big time. And yes, he’s selling Exotic Car Rental Academy at a price as high as $5k.

Stop setting your standards too low. Any serious mentor doing the bare minimum won’t have such a mistake two second in. Definitely not on a two-minute short video. Pfft. Thank you, Ethan, for giving us a quick heads up of the worst to come. But seriously, if he cares just a teensy-weensy bit, he won’t put out an obvious garbo of a course. I might be going for the jugular too early, but I had to do it because whatever the mess he’s offering is just a scam. Or at best, not worth your money at all.

To start, if I say that the quality of his training videos is terrible, that would still be an understatement. I swear, you’ll be better off learning the thing on YouTube for free. Personally, I won’t pay a single cent for something filmed in one take and in a very unprofessional way. Like no, I wouldn’t want my mentor checking out a random woman just like Ethan did in one of his training videos. F*ck that horny sh*t.

The only remarkable part of his training is his long-winded intro and outro graphics that is about 19 minutes and 57 seconds long in total. To put things into perspective, the actual content aka the reveal of his system and strategy that “only 1% use” lasts for only an hour… only good for surface-level knowledge. “Training so comprehensive it’ll break down my (Ethan’s) business model to a T,” my ass.

And just like clockwork, him not giving attention to details is on the display once again. Actually, this is the reason I’m critical of his misspelling shenanigans earlier. He’s just notorious for not giving a damn about his products. This time, it’s him claiming that his course has sixty-six chapters. But a quick rundown of the materials and you’d see that it’s only sixty-three. Like, what’s the purpose of being wrong at this? Flexing that you can’t do simple arithmetic? C’mon dawg.

Exotic Car Rental Academy Review

Most importantly, the business model he’s trying to sell is downright illegal. Unfortunately for our broke bros and gals out there, there’s no such thing as no money down in a legal exotic car rental biz. What you’ll become if you ever follow Ethan’s strategy, either a damn fool or a hustler that you are, is called the broker joker.

Simply put, you’re a broker without a license to operate as one. You’re renting a car to illegally rent it out again to someone else. It’s like the car version of Airbnb subletting, but worse because it’s illegal and just opens yourself up to massive liability. One unruly renter crashing the car you’re renting out is all it takes for a legal and financial nightmare. Don’t be a broker joker who f*ck around and find out.

Besides, I wouldn’t follow another strategy of Ethan to purposely destroy cars and hire lawyers to sue other people and their insurance on your behalf. Are you willing to do an obvious unethical sh*t just to earn money? I’m not and I hope you’re the same as me. Besides, it’s very likely for this strategy to backfire and you’re the one that’ll get sued instead. I obviously won’t recommend Exotic Car Rental Academy. Stay tf outta this, period.

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