Elite Resource Team Review (Anton Anderson)

Anton Anderson

Anton Anderson, CEO of Elite Resource Team, claims that he’s soooo thrilled to introduce their new program named Catalyst. And yet, his voice doesn’t have any hint of enthusiasm at all. To me, it sounds like he’d rather be doing anything else other than this presentation. Or maybe he’s just chill like that, I dunno. Let’s just hear what he has to say, shall we? Review down below.

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For the last five years, Anton reveals that Elite Resource Team’s biggest expense has always been on cold marketing. Says they’re spending anywhere from $800k to a mil on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads to get new clients.

Likewise, their team of financial advisors collectively agrees that they spend more time and effort on getting new clients than helping their existing ones of over 1,200.

He admits, “It felt to me like we were out of sync, like why are we focusing so much time and money on new clients instead of just bringing value to our current clients.” While I appreciate his honesty, they really should’ve realized this sooner. Like, ages ago.

Regardless, the situation made them consider a massive shift in focus. From now on, no more transactions nor one-time programs for Elite Resource Team. There’d be membership limits in place as well. Holup, I feel like I’ve heard this bit before?

Anton knows. He’s so quick to dismiss that it’s not about creating fake scarcity, and more as to force themselves as a company to focus on the quality of the experience. I’m not fully convinced, but whatever.

The said shift leads to the creation of Catalyst. Which is, as Anton describes, not just a new product but also a completely new experience for them to offer. “It’s not just a training product or program, it’s a mastermind,” he adds.

If you’re an open-minded, forward-thinking financial advisor and are interested in partnering with both virtual family office experts and CPAs, then Catalyst might be the mastermind for you.

It’s a unique blue ocean value experience, as they say. Honestly, if they mean discovering a new market here, then I’d disagree. It’s hella saturated, c’mon.

Now, for the demo. They ditched Facebook as their community platform and made their own. Say goodbye to getting distracted by memes and ragebait, I s’pose. Or maybe not if you keep scrolling Zucc’s app on your phone while skimming through Catalyst’s course materials on PC. Issa crack for some of y’all, after all.

‘Nyways, the modules of the mastermind are labeled as follows: Module 1: Pillars of Elite Performance, Module 2: Introduction to VFO and PPP, Module 3: Establishing Accountant Partnerships, Module 4: The Team-Based Model in Action, Module 5: Advanced Planning and VFO Experts, Module 6: Mad Men, and Module 7: The Dial Goes To Eleven.

Module 1 is more on making you understand the purpose of the training and showing you what to expect ahead. Building a strong foundation, showing a roadmap of future events, that kind of stuff.

Then, module 2 is all about introducing what’s a virtual family office (VFO), why should you partner with them, and how do you position yourself as a point of contact between the VFO services and your client. Module 3 is just like this [module 2], but for knowing CPAs.

Meanwhile, module 4 is where you create a win-win opportunity with your CPA and level up your relationship with them even further. The typa level-up where they bring you two to three new potential clients a week. To start getting into more advanced planning of VFO, check out module 5 instead.

And while Anton seems to imply that they’re steering away from investing too much to marketing, they’d still show how to run digital marketing campaigns in module 6. “Mad men” fr. For best practices once you’ve done everything from the previous modules, see module 7.

Elite Resource Team Review

A new community platform, the usual video training, and what else? Well, they’ll also give access to over fifty VFO experts Elite Resource Team, DFY marketing campaigns, and an appointment booking site similar to Calendly.

The overview is quite comprehensive, yet Anton fails to mention the price of this specific Elite Resource Team’s offer anywhere. The only way to find out is to book a call with their team.

And you know what, I ain’t subjecting myself to a full sales treatment. I betcha it’ll be a boiler room experience with the way Anton talks and the nasty reviews on Indeed. Most importantly, is the program even necessary to land partnerships with VFOs and CPAs? I doubt it.

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