6 Figure Drop Shipper Review (Reza Qorbanie)

Dropshipping has become a pretty common method in e-commerce as of late. A lot of the e-commerce videos that I have seen online have mentioned dropshipping in some form or another. If you have ever seen a video from an e-commerce guru, you’ve probably seen videos where they try to do challenges where they start a dropshipping business with a certain budget. Maybe you got inspired to start your own business because of that. But where do you even start?

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Because dropshipping has become fairly popular among a lot of different e-commerce businesses, certain e-commerce gurus have started to create their own online courses focused on that. One of which is the Australia-based company 6 Figure Drop Shipper. 6FDS was co-founded by Reza Qorbanie, Cameron Moar and Zane Wear. Surprisingly enough, this is the third company that Reza founded. The first was MarketingX, a digital marketing agency he founded when he was 15. The second was Pegs For Life, an e-commerce store that he co-founded with his brother Shahin. The success of Pegs for Life, which uses dropshipping, lead to the foundation of 6FDS.

I am definitely amazed that Reza has managed to establish three different companies in less than a decade. Granted, it took Reza about two years before MarketingX started earning money. But it seems like a lot of people in their late teens/early twenties have started to created their own businesses. Some of which, like Jacob Levinrad, have been featured on this website before. Surprisingly enough, a lot of them found success through e-commerce and dropshipping.

Online courses seem like the most obvious next step for a lot of the e-commerce gurus that I have reviewed. They still earn through whatever shops they set up on Shopify. They have the numbers to prove it. But with so many people wanting to learn about dropshipping, they can share the expertise that they have to them. One of the ways that they can do that is through setting up an online course about their expertise. It’s as simple as that.

Not all of the dropshipping courses that I have reviewed have been upfront about the costs of the courses that they offer. I’m not really what’s preventing them from doing so. If the other dropshipping courses that tell you how much they cost are to go by, the range of the course would be around $300 to $500. It’s still a lot of money considering other educational platforms offer courses that are ten times cheaper than what these dropshipping courses cost. Economy of scale and whatnot.

6 Figure Drop Shipper doesn’t even show what the course curriculum is going to be like. Supreme Ecom Blueprint and Advanced Dropshipping Academy were able to show a breakdown of the curriculum on the page for the course. 6FDS mentions that you can building a dropshipping business in their six-week course. But there is no information on the course is structured. But if any of the other dropshipping courses are an indication, it’s basics about dropshipping, setting up a shop, market research, product sourcing and advertising.

Aside from the online course, Reza and the 6 Figure Drop Shipping team also offers a mentorship program where they will guide you through the process of starting the actual business. Surprisingly, there is an actual price range for the mentorship. It’s pretty much the same with the other e-commerce gurus that offer mentorship programs. It costs at least $1,000 or more. And you will probably get one-on-one sessions with the 6 Figure Drop Shipping team. That’s pretty much what I was able to find out about it.

Starting any kind of business requires a lot of research before you actually begin to set it up. The programs that 6 Figure Drop Shipping offers are kind of vague. And it’s probably not worth it at all. For the most part, you can find a lot information about e-commerce and dropshipping on the internet. Shopify, which is the e-commerce platform of choice, offers free webinars and tutorials on how to start a digital storefront on their platform. Because there isn’t any upfront information about the course that 6 Figure Drop Shipping offers, why would you want to waste hundreds of dollars on it? It just seems like a bad investment.

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