The One Amz Review (Rhett Taylor)

Rhett Taylor

Rhett Taylor starts the The One Amz pitch in a rather unusual way. Instead of making the business model here a dead giveaway, which is Amazon FBA BTW, he opts to just mention retirement. Like how the traditional means of doing it is not the way to go and how he has the secret, the thing your financial advisor is not telling you, to a quick and peaceful one. Keep reading to know how this one will turn out.

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Do I appreciate the clickbait? Obviously, no, but it’s not like the end of the world. Dude is just trying his damn hardest to make an Amazon FBA opportunity exciting. Also making it look as if it’s a brand new yet kept-hidden-from-everyday-peeps lucrative opportunity. It can be lucrative if all the stars align for ya, but, otherwise, it won’t be the money-making machine it was promised to be. It’s also not brand new nor kept as a secret.

Not the best attempt to make someone cough up their email on his squeeze page, but whatever. Gonna part with my email myself to know more about his The One Amz program. As if I have a choice (I don’t as your reviewer for today). So, here am I, now listening to Rhett and what he has to say about his program. Bored to death, basically. You could be in the same situation as me if you haven’t found this review. What can I say except, “You’re welcome!”

To be fair, I commend Rhett for using clean animations for the visuals instead of him just talking right in front of the camera. Not saying he’s fugly, but his punchable face on display for quite a while can be tiring. Anyway, what’s my main takeaway from this video, then? First, the rah rah talks about retirement ain’t enough. Dude gotta mention how miserable it can be when you work a typical 9-5. The usual.

But wait, there’s more (of the usual). He summarized his The One Amz offer as something that makes having a “valuable income-producing business asset” in Amazon. To add, he claims that the asset can be built up and sold if desired for five to eight figures in twelve to forty eight months. Yeah, riiight.

If the sh*t above was true, we won’t be seeing this dude in the coaching space. Not this early at the very least. Instead of spamming YouTube videos in hopes of building his rep up, he could’ve spammed building these “assets” and called it a day. He didn’t. He probably can’t unless he’s in a dream or sum.

I’m not liking the way he’s portraying the opportunity as something for everyday people like I mentioned earlier. Coming from his story already, it’s not. He’s lucky that he had, what, around 30k of savings while he’s still in school. He failed at the first attempt, sure, but he lost all of that money like it’s nothing. Privilege at its finest when it means homelessness and hunger for the average person.

The One Amz Review

“It’s not that hard, but not that easy too,” says him. Turns out, it’s all for promoting mentorship and coaching which is conveniently offered by him. Not that I’m surprised, it’s kinda expected with the way he talks in the video. Most of the ramblings here are something that I already know about the ‘zon. With all the free resources out there, you probably already know this as well.

The one he had own spin in it, his so-called pillars of Amazon FBA, are the following: The cost of good sold must not exceed ⅓ of the retail price, sourcing elite (Chinese) suppliers who you can negotiate prices with, and  using his proprietary tool Listing DNA to, er, list your products effectively. Too vague and not too convincing for me to take the clarity call with him IMHO.

To conclude, I’m not recommending The One Amz program that cost around $3,000. Not only am I not a believer of the business model itself, I’m also wary of him as a mentor. Like seriously, I smell some “fake it ‘til you make it” vibes here. To Rhett, maybe try that BS when you have enough funds to maintain your own site. Mister-sold-my-stores-for-at-least-five-figures, but can’t pay a few bucks to get his site up and running? Make it make sense.

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