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There are tons of actors that people grew up watching on their television screens. For a lot of people, watching a television show is something that they would often make effort for. People still watch television shows. But before the streaming wars came to be, you had to make a plan to watch a new episode. You were beholden to the strict schedule of the network that show airs on. Nowadays, you can catch up on an episode at any time of the day. But back then, it was a lot of work.

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While it has been a bit sort of a recurring thing that I don’t really know a lot about classic films or television shows, I am acutely aware of the television show “MacGyver” and its star Richard Dean Anderson. If you haven’t seen the show, the basic premise is this: MacGyver is this guy who can whip up a solution that would help him get out of perilous situations. Think of it as life hacks that could actually save a life. MacGyver has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of chemical reactions and other scientific know-how. He isn’t just some random dude that got lucky. He has a ton of professional experience, either as a professor of physics or during his time in the military.

Richard was the eldest of four siblings. His father was a teacher and her mother was an artist. It seemed like being creative or finding some kind of outlet was fostered in his home. Before he got into acting, he had dreams of becoming a professional hockey. It’s interesting to see a teenager in the 1960s to be really into hockey. Especially in America. He was apparently a fairly decent hockey player. But unfortunately, his dreams were squashed when he broke both of his arms a few weeks apart from each other. Hockey is an intensely physical sport. So I could have seen that happening.

Aside from sports, Richard was interested in the arts. At some point, he tried to become a jazz musician. Since he couldn’t really pursue playing hockey after his injury, he decided to pursue a degree in acting in college. He transferred from St. Cloud State University to Ohio University. Even, he didn’t really continue his studies and decided to drop out during his junior year. He did a lot of stuff after he dropped out. He came along to a cross-country bike ride with his friends. He moved to Hollywood then New York then back to California. He did a bunch of performance-type jobs in a variety of places like a marine animal park, a dinner theater and even on the streets. Somehow that period in his life was the happiest he’s ever been.

In the early 1970s, Richard got his first ever acting job in a short film for the Marines. After that, he steadily got more acting jobs. His first major role was as Dr. Jeff Webber in the daytime soap opera “General Hospital.” He was on that show for about five years. He did a few guest spots here and there. He got the lead role for a television movie called “Ordinary Heroes” that aired in 1986.

Around that time, he got the lead role for MacGyver. I don’t really have to explain the plot to you because I already explained it at the top. It was a very well-regarded television series. There weren’t really a lot of different networks at the time that MacGyver aired. It was only a handful of networks. The show ran for seven seasons. But unfortunately, the stunt work took a toll on Richard’s body. I’ve got to hand it to him for doing most of his own stunts. But I also have to acknowledge that it’s very hard for the lead role to suffer a major injury.

Soon after, he took on the role of Jack O’Neill in the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1. This role would be his last major role on a television series. He managed to do this role for about eight years. Once the series ended, Richard basically retired from acting. Still, he had a net worth of about $1,500,000. He would still do a bit of work after Stargate SG-1. But it was as a guest star. In 2009, he reprised his role of MacGyver during one of the MacGruber shorts on Saturday Night Live.

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