Rich Roll Net Worth

You never really expect where your life will be in a few years. It may be where you’ve always wanted it to be. Or sometimes specific moments will change the course of it. You probably would have found something profound and meaningful in any of those timelines. This may seem like an unusual start to a post about somebody’s net worth. But it sort of factors into who I’m talking about and that’s Rich Roll.

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When you search for Rich Roll’s name on the internet, you will or more less see a picture of him shirtless among other things. If you see that photo, you would immediately think he’s an athlete. A lot of other athletes have that kind of face and body. So it feels like that’s who he has been his whole life. As I dove into it a little more, I wasn’t really sure that his life story up to this point in his life made any sense.

Rich’s life story, or at least what’s on the internet, started when he was working at a law firm. There are probably a lot of lawyers who work out in order to release a lot of the stress that came from that line of work. It’s often a thing that lawyers, among other professions, have high salaries. That makes sense. It costs a lot of money to hire a lawyer. Basically, Rich was on the path towards achieving the American dream.

But since the hours in that kind of profession often are stressful, Rich was letting himself go. He spent most of his 20’s and 30’s devoted to his job. During those times, he got addicted to drugs and alcohol. Things went dark during those times for him. Eventually, he decided to go into rehab. He spent more than three months to get treatment.

After getting sober, he went back to the usual grind. He spent the next few years still working and trying to get a shot at becoming partner at the law firm. He had managed to achieve the success that he thought he wanted to have. The problem with having spent so much of his time trying to achieve a goal he wasn’t even sure he wanted for himself, he let go of his body. He became overweight and lethargic. At some point during that period, he got a heart attack. That was a turning point for him.

He basically had to rethink everything that he was putting into his body. That lead him to do a seven-day fruit and vegetable juice cleanse. And it was through that experience that lead him to shift towards a plant-based diet. He felt the effects of the changes he made to his diet.

As time passed, he tried to pair that diet with exercise. He lost the weight he gained during his 30’s and gave a lot more focus on maintaining his body as time went on. It seems like he might have left the grind of working as a lawyer behind. At age 40, he went on to become an athlete. He also wrote a book and started a podcast. He now has a net worth of $10,000,000.

There’s always something so surprising when I found out that the people I make reviews of have a podcast. It makes the most sense, to be honest. Even if people read Rich’s book, the contents of it are written up to a certain point in his life. They could still be updated every now and them. But it’s all stuck at the time of writing it. With a podcast, you can put episodes weekly or daily. At least with that, the listeners will be aware of what mindset Rich and his guests have at a relative timeframe.

I guess he also changed the way people look at vegans. There’s nothing really wrong with having a strictly plant-based diet. But oftentimes, how certain vegans will chide other people for how they eat rubs them the wrong way. I have no problem with veganism, to be honest. It’s great that they’re trying to ween of from eating meat or any kind of product that came from an animal. And it’s great that people like Rich are out there promoting it.

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