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Steven Rinella Net Worth

There is no shortage of content available on the internet. It may sound strange to refer to any kind of media that’s available to view on the internet as “content.” But that’s how the landscape is. Still, you will never run out of things to watch, regardless of whether or not you enjoy the thing that you are watching. One thing I never really got into was nature-related shows. Especially if that show was geared more towards survival.

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With the United States being as vast as it is, it comes to no one’s surprise that there are a lot of outdoorsy types. I mean, if you have tons of different forests around the entire country, wouldn’t you want to explore some of them? There’s beauty in nature and all that. You also get to see some of your country’s natural wonders in the process. Steven Rinella is one of those outdoorsmen that became famous for his appearances on television. Although, you could easily build up fame and notoriety on the internet, film and television are still a big factor at making somebody relatively famous.

Steven Rinella is probably best known for his television show MeatEater where he goes around some of the world’s best remote areas so that he could hunt for different types of animal for food. It definitely takes the whole farm to table thing to a whole other level. The show previously aired on the Sportsman Channel from 2012 to 2016 before it moved to Netflix two years later. The non-Netflix seasons are available to watch on the MeatEater website. Prior to MeatEater, Steven hosted a eight-episode series on the Travel Channel titled The Wild Within, which seems to sort of be in the same vein as his latter show.

Since then, Steven has managed to expand MeatEater into its own brand. It expanded into other full-length series, multiple podcasts, different companies that provide hunting equipment and accessories. It sort of made sense for people who have established a certain brand and expand into different markets. It’s not really surprising that a television show that features hunting and the subsequent cooking of those game meats would eventually lead to selling apparel that’s made for hunting or accessories to help you cook out in the wild.

Aside from that, Steven has also written multiple books including a few cookbooks that’s somewhat based on the recipes he and his team have done for the MeatEater website. It’s definitely interesting to how a television show could become just one step of creating an entire brand or even an entire company. Though I guess that happens a lot when a certain show or movie becomes relatively popular. How could you monetize this? You do get some residual royalties whenever people watch it through a streaming platform or on demand. But you don’t really get that much. So you kind of expand certain market segments like merchandising or events. It’s no wonder that MeatEater brand and Steven Rinella has reached a net worth of at least $15,000,000.

I watched a bit of one of the episodes of MeatEater and it’s definitely a mix of multiple types of shows that you would see on channels like HGTV and the Travel Channel. You have your travel component where Steven travels to different locations across the globe. For the most part, it seems like the episodes are pretty well-researched. You are basically thrust into watch Steven go through the wilderness in search of the animal he’s going to hunt. Then it sort of turns into a survival show of sorts because Steven is spending a lot of time in the wilderness. The cooking element comes towards the end of the episode where Steven watches how the locals would cook the meat he just hunted.

While I may not be somebody gets fully into the MeatEater series, they definitely have their own audience. There are people who like survival and travel that might enjoy it. I mean, Steven would’ve have turned MeatEater into an entire lifestyle brand if there weren’t an audience for the stuff that he and his brand does. I think once you have established an audience, it’s somehow easier to get people interested in the next thing that you’re doing. But it’s often hard to maintain your old audience while also trying to appeal to people who haven’t patronized your product.

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