Ripehouse Advisory Review (Jacob Field)

Jacob Field

Jacob Field combined his passion for real estate with his programming skills to create Ripehouse Advisory. Just like almost every mentor I’ve reviewed here, wanting to escape the 9-5 grind seems to affect Jacob’s desire to make this program work. It’s an effective motivation as we’re here to a point that I’m reviewing his program that’s still very relevant today. You know, something that readers like you are googling (sorry, Bing users). Find out more info about this program by scrolling below.

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As the words house and advisory in the name lowkey implies, Ripehouse Advisory is about them giving advice on which real estate property is profitable to invest on. There’s no official info on this, but the word “ripe” here is an implication of Jacob’s “forever portfolio.” He wants you to become ripe early, as in gain financial freedom to speed run your way to an early retirement, by having a great investment portfolio. Take note that this is for Australian residents only.

Moving on from the name shenanigans, let me explain how their primary process works. Specifically, how they acquire properties for you. It has a lot of personal touch in it, it seems like. I mean, the first thing they’ll do is to draft a 20-year wealth plan document unique to you. This is based on what info they gathered from the “discovery” call between them and you.

Next, the talk will proceed with explaining the wealth plan. The plan is already yours to take, but I don’t think you can use it without Ripehouse Advisory. Another hour of call with them to find out whether you’re a mutual fit.

If it’s a mutual fit, you’ll be basically “on the other side.” This is when you’ll start paying them. Fair enough since they’ll start providing you their services too. Specifically, they’re letting you use their private advisory research and consultation. If you’re confused, it’s just access to real estate coaching and their proprietary software.

They’ll pick a location and will soon present the properties you might like. It’s not just any property, though. According to their site, it’s what they found out the best after searching far and (country) wide. To distinguish why they’re the best, they’ll contrast it to the properties they rejected.

Once you pick the property you want, they’ll inspect the house more closely. Like literally, they’ll go closer and check the property on-site. Expect up-to-date look of the property through videos.

Finally, they’ll try to secure the property under fair market value if all the green lights of you are lit. They’re the ones who’ll negotiate with the seller, not you. After they close the deal, they’ll keep monitoring your investments. This is to ensure that you stay on track on whatever your 20-year wealth plan says.  

Besides the DFY aspect and wealth plan, it’s pretty standard procedures to me when it comes to property acquisition. What just happened is the due diligence that is supposedly done by you becomes a responsibility of them instead. It’s basically a DFY real estate.  To add, their suggestions are apparently backed with years of research. Something that qualifies for what they call a P.U.S.H. property. To elaborate, P.U.S.H. is just an acronym that stands for Purchase for market value, Uplift your renovation, Surplus savings, and high-performance growth locations.

Ripehouse Advisory Review

Since it’s a DFY program, expect this to be costly AF. They’re also increasing the prices frequently. According to Jacob, the said increase is to account for the additional research and improvement they’re doing every year. It’s also meant to make their service a premium one. They would rather serve a lesser number of customers since he doesn’t want his service with “many fighting over them.”

It started as AUD 597 in 2015 going up by a thousand (AUD 1,597) in 2017. Around 2020, the price surged even further to AUD 8,800. Finally, last year’s price is AUD 13,200 which is roughly equivalent to $9,900 (I got you, readers from US). It’s more expensive than a similar US program in DFY Real Estate USA which you can get under $5,000.

Besides real estate being inherently costly, the service provided by Jacob is somehow overpriced too. I don’t think the wealth plan unique here warrants the price, they’re willing to give it for free after all. Also, take note that Jacob had issues with deliberately hiding auto renewal charges before. The updates on such were not from a mail with his official domain but on a sketchy one that’s designed to go straight your spam folder. You can appeal for a refund, but it’s a hassle for sure. This is not a scam, yet this is something I’m not inclined to recommend.

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