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Rising Tide Challenge Review (Shanda Sumpter)

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the founder of HeartCore Business, an upcoming eight-figure company (or so she says) that provides training on building a highly profitable biz. As usual, having a lifestyle of freedom is also promised here. All of ‘em riches by taking what you do best, your god-given gifts as Shanda mentions, into consideration. How would you start your journey to Shanda’s promised land, you ask? It’s through attending her Rising Tide Challenge that I’ll review below.

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I know, I know, you might be wondering why she would name her offer as the Rising Tide challenge. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one curious about that. Count me in as well. Like, are we hitting the beach here to do some surfing or what? Or maybe, are we going on a ride with a fancy yacht just like Shanda did on the promo video?

Unsurprisingly, both my initial assumptions were wrong. Reminds me to not always take something literally, although that’s besides the point. If it’s not about the actual waves, then what is it? Turns out, it’s a quote from the late John F Kennedy which is as follows: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Originally, the quote was meant to explain how an improved economy would benefit all. Here, it means that when your personal money situation improves, other facets of your life would improve too. Like, it’s easier to make money when you have more money to invest… No sh*t, pffft. That’s her example, anyway.

That being said, what’s innit for you in the Challenge? According to Shanda, give her 21 minutes every day for 21 days, so she can help you identify and break the pattern that’s holding you back from all the areas of your life: In business, in sales, in your finances, in love, in friendship, and much more.

She’s promising to break all the goddamn patterns, actually. Break the pattern that keeps you broke and penniless, break the pattern that stops you from pursuing your passion, and break the pattern that keeps you from making meaningful connections and relationships. It’s like a chain that stops you from getting what you deserve and Shanda is apparently here to cut that out.

To add, Shanda also listed out things that might indicate that you’re a perfect fit for the challenge. Go for it and take the Challenge if you’re the following: Have the vision to be better, but you’re only keeping it as an afterthought; you’re making less money that you could’ve and should’ve; you have limiting beliefs that control your life in a not-so-good way; you feel stuck; and you feel called for a greater purpose, but something is on the way blocking it.

Lotta things she listed down, including the patterns thingy, and I’m here repeating what she said like a goddamn parrot. But hey, I have a point to make here, that’s why. For all that talking in circles that she did, she didn’t drop any hint on how she’ll deliver on her promises. Not a mention of a business model involved too. Guess this was just another motivational and life coaching offer. Aaaaand it actually is.

Rising Tide Challenge Review

Not going to be harsh here because you can get Rising Tide Challenge for the price of zero dollars. You heard that right, the Challenge can actually cost nothing. And I say it this way because right on day one of the Challenge, she’ll pivot you towards availing the paid VIP option. An upsell, basically.

That’s one of my gripes here besides her putting the idea of having it all as the highlight of her course. Like, regarding the upsell, can you at least be subtle about it? Alright, I respect the hustle and all, but pulling a “buy an upsell” card right away ain’t for me. Five minutes into day one’s video and you’re already doing that? Oh hell nah. And it’ll only get worse from there, fosho. More upsells? No, thank you.

And yes, there are complaints on how she deliberately pressures others to join the pricier programs. If this is what she meant by getting called for greater purpose, I’ll have her number on block. Selling is fine, but selling in a way that you’re simulating a boiler room isn’t. In conclusion, I’m not really keen on recommending the Rising Tide Challenge. I know a lot of y’all who struggle with saying no and for that, you should skip this one. Being away from Shanda who pushes you to do things you’re not comfortable with, the better.

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