RivX Automation Review (DFY Trucking Automation)

Antonio Rivodo

RivX Automation has once again reminded me of my confusion about eCommerce, er, e–commerce and the proper way to write it. Their blunder is worse than mine, though. At least I’m consistent and only use e-commerce all throughout the review that made me aware of this spelling. RivX didn’t and used both. But whatever, e-commerce is not what I’m after anyway. I’m checking them out to see whether their DFY trucking automation offer is scam or legit. Review continues below.

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Lemme clear something up first, um-kay? No, it’s not just my obsession with newly acquired knowledge. In my defense, I’ve pointed it out because the two latest posts of RivX Automation are about e-commerce. And hey, just like their trucking offer, it’s DFY automation as well. What I get from it is them being fond of anything automation and I think it’s worth noting.

Guess what, it’s actually worth noting afterall. Why, it’s because the man behind it all, Antonio Rivodo, admitted that they do a LOT of automation stuff. “We offer multiple different services,” he says. Besides trucking and e-commerce, they also have Facebook automation, trading automation, and YouTube automation. Heck, Antonio is even claiming to be a real estate mogul, although that’s for ‘nother company of his.

What’s my point? Well, I’ll be wary of anyone trying to do multiple things that’s barely similar to one another. Obviously, RivX Automation is no exception. The services being all automated won’t change my mind. They’re barely similar, full stop. Now, you might ask, what’s the reason to be wary of them offering barely similar sh*t, then?

As Slim Shady put it, “something’s wrong, I can feel it.” Simply put, sh*t’s real fishy. Actually worse than being labeled as jack of all trades and master of none. Like, they don’t even deserve to be called as an all-rounder. To me, it’s just them offering programs about what’s in, the current craze, for the kaching. That is, despite them not really knowing sh*t about it. Y’know, just like a fellow DFY trucking automation provider in Mike Sancho.

Now I’ll ask you this, who wants to spend their cash on a program that’s probably dogsh*t? Unless you’re somewhat interested in wasting ‘em lotta grands, you wouldn’t want that. Emphasis on lotta grands. Aside from the RivX  Automation upfront fee that likely cost upwards of $10k plus the monthly dispatching fee, the truck itself is too goddamn expensive IMHO. Around $125,000 to $150,000 to be exact.

I mean, an expensive investment is fine as long as you can likely get ROI from it. I’ve said this many times before, yet I’ll say it again to drive the point home: Risk is alright as long as it’s calculated. However, it’s more of a losing gamble when you have RivX Automation at the helm. They got no social proof outside their site to prove otherwise.

The crazy expensive cost, the high risk involved, and the lack of social proof are enough for me to not recommend RivX Automation. I can’t 100% say that they’re a scam, but it’s still a big no-no. Like, ain’t no way I’ll push you to become their guinea pig and cash cow in one. If I did that, that’d be like pushing you off a cliff and I’m not like that. This gal won’t be channeling her inner Heidi (‘member that anime?) towards y’all honest readers, alright.

RivX Automation Review

For the sake of completeness, I’d still write down the premise of RivX Automation’s offer before I end this review. In summary, they’ll do the following for you: Secure the truck, do all the necessary paperworks, and manage the entire operation of your fleet. As they say, the truck and passive income is yours while the responsibility of management is theirs.

To explain further, securing a truck and doing the necessary paperworks here means having the truck insured and registered with the DOT plus getting all the licenses and permits you need to actually operate it. And oh, it also involves RivX Automation hiring a driver for it.

Meanwhile, the most important bit of the trucking operation that RivX Automation will manage is all about the load. Not that load [pause], but something that’s booked by a dispatcher, picked up and delivered by your driver, and factored by RivX Automation’s finance team. With that, I’m done here and that’s my review of RivX Automation which, again, something I won’t recommend. Peace yo!

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