Best Seller Publishing Review (Rob Kosberg)

Rob Kosberg

Rob Kosberg is the founder of Best Seller Publishing, a program aimed for those who want to write their very own book. Coaches, consultants, doctors, entrepreneurs— what you do for a living doesn’t really matter as long as you have expertise. Rob and his program will turn that and your unique story into a bestselling book. Sounds interesting to you? Before signing up for the program, read this Best Seller Publishing review first to know what’s up.

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To reiterate, Best Seller Publishing is, simply put, a program to help you make an impact with a bestseller book. Like, really, I actually lifted the said description from Rob’s site. This means that you’re not only after publishing a book, it should also be popular enough to get ‘em perks of being a bestseller author. The rep, the media clout, and the money— they’re gonna make it rain.

Their proof? Well, just ask the US Ambassadors, the Fortune 500 CEOs, and pro athletes they’ve worked with. But hey, no need to ask Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as he dropped his thoughts on the program already. He says: “The strategies & tactics Rob teaches are truly cutting edge and what’s working right now with him and his clients, including me.” Same can be said with ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson as he commended Rob for helping turn ideas into words on pages.

Is the recommendation from the OG shark and founder of a world-renowned sales funnel builder enough? Nah, I don’t think so. Don’t leave the page just yet to book a call with ‘em, I still have info to share. From yours truly, an unbiased badass reviewer, and not from their likely salesy salesperson. What is it? It’s the program following the three “Ps” as seen in Rob’s book. 

Not just simply seen, but plastered on the dude’s own bestseller. It’s the goddamn title, pfft. The said “Ps” are none other than publish (duh!), promote, and profit. The publish part is self-explanatory, although there’s something worth mentioning here. And it’s Rob’s instruction (yes, a command and not a mere suggestion) to hire a ghostwriter to write the book for you.

Am I surprised? Nope, not really. I’ve reviewed a lot of similar programs and this is how they do these things too. In particular, the program will provide you with all the manpower, not just the ghostwriter, to complete the book— the project manager, the manuscript editor, and the graphic designer to name a few. It’s still you and your voice, but with the eloquence of award-winning professionals in publishing, they say.

The marketing part includes them ramping up five star Amazon verified reviews on soft launch, setting up articles on websites and social media, placing ads, and launching three US-based press releases. In other words, good ‘ol marketing at its core.

Finally, the profit part is similar to marketing, but is focused on building upon authority  and credibility. With the help of their publicists, they’ll hook you up with a media pitch to land you a TV or similar media appearance. More publicity means more sales, and more sales means more money in your pocket. How ‘bout that?

Best Seller Publishing Review

To top it off, they pinky swear that results are guaranteed or you get your money back. As they should because the Best Seller Publishing Done With You offer probably cost north of $60,000. Heard that right, it’s damn expensive because doing almost everything for y’all obviously comes at a price.

That cost is enough for me to not recommend Best Seller Publishing. This being catered to newbies in the publishing world, the cost is just not beginner-friendly at all. Could be chump change if you’re like the CEO of a cash cow biz, but are you? No offense, but I sense you’re not, so better use your limited funds on growing ya biz or your career directly first, whichever is applicable.

Besides, I had doubts about their results guarantee. And it’s not me being full of (pink) venom and counting on promises being broken or some sh*t, it’s from seeing a complaint on their BBB profile. The person complaining there mentions Best Seller Publishing reneging on their guarantee to keep his/her money. Like, they be cappin’ and saying some BS like they’ve completed the work needed when the person here got disabled a month after signing up for the program. Disabled! Won’t be putting money here until this sh*t from two years ago is resolved. Hope that resonates with y’all as well.

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