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Robb Bailey experienced the worst nightmare of his career. He made every mistake in the book in one of his agencies which he considered a seven figure failure agency. It made him no money, going through sleepless nights, beginning to transition to an unhealthy lifestyle (beers, pizza, and then beers again), and it caused him a lot of stress and anxiety. How was he able to get back up and start all over again? Learn more on my Robb Bailey review below.

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After he learned from his mistakes, because who’s in his right mind doing all the mistakes that’s already written in a book, right? Maybe he got carried away, got greedy and that’s why all the fortunes disappeared like a bubble. So now he created an agency which he called the seven figure dream business agency, where he will teach you how to reverse engineer your agency biz so that you can get what you want out of life.

He believes that your own business is a ticket to get what you want. A way for you to prepare yourself and establish a future but most of the business owners are overcomplicating things. “Yes, you’re creating seven figures out of your businesses, but if you’re dying inside, then what’s the point of continuing it?”, says Robb in one of his interviews. You need the money to work for you and not the other way around because that’s what most people do, killing themselves for money.

Getting burned out has a domino effect in every business. You’re not doing well on what you know you’re best at, then what’s the point for business partners, investors, or even customers to stick with you until the end. Everyone can’t afford to lose all of their money, and they have that instinct. Eventually they will leave you because that’s all that matters, the circulation of money and if they can’t get it from you and your business, then you’ll be left out. 

He thinks that he’s “Mr.Know It All”, so smart, he can do it all, he doesn’t need help and that’s what led him to his failure agency. “You need to remove these ideas from your brain. Business is not a one-man island”, he explained. Working out of ego does not lead to a successful business, only a stressful one. That’s the difference between his two agencies. Yes there’s a middle part, but the two extremes work as night and day. 

So what he found out is a model that helped him in his “current” situation and not a model to use for future situations and he’s being clear about that. He wouldn’t force anyone to copy what he did because everyone has their own preferences. There are different business models out there that show results and you have all of your freedom to choose which is right for you and your business.

There are two types of SaaS (software as a service), the high-ticket and a low-ticket one. Robb uses the high-ticket SaaS where he pays a big amount upfront because that’s what worked for him (even coined a term SWaS, “Software With a service”). And that paid out earlier and faster for him. He’s a family man, and has three kids (always been transparent on that), so what he found covers all that what he needs on the “now”. That’s his preference and if you want to copy it, go, and if not, then don’t.

What futuristic clients want nowadays are new sales opportunities and revenues. You won’t succeed anymore in the digital marketing industry by just simply running ads and giving your clients a list of “leads”. Cost per click, cost per lead is the old way of earning in digital marketing. You need to have a system that makes a lot of appointments like clockwork to be able to be successful in this niche.

He has a book called Nurture and Close that costs $1,997, but now only $127 for a limited time offer. It includes ways on how to offer appointment booking as a high ticket service, how to successfully manage multiple clients without leveraging your time and many more strategies, models and tools to scale up your business. But then again, you still get to decide since you have your own preference and no one’s forcing you. 

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