Robby Blanchard ClickBank Training: Bad Idea

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Robby Blanchard claims that he can help anyone, even you, earn up to a thousand dollars or more if you follow his own business method. And that method, is to be an affiliate of some of the products on ClickBank, and promote them using Facebook ads, with the goal of getting a lot of sales. Now, given the notoriety of ClickBank as an online store platform, such claims could be hard to believe. But he frequently bills himself as the “No. 1 Ranked Affiliate on ClickBank,” so it could mean something positive for his pitch. But he could also be just blowing hot gas, so let’s find out.

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Like, could Robby Blanchard’s business idea be that simple? After all, he constantly promotes this as something that anyone can do. You don’t have to be someone who’s an I.T. expert or a whiz kid in order to earn money from his business. You don’t even have to be a sales expert to succeed here. And, in his own words, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to earn big amounts here (which is actually false, more on that later). All you need to have, is your own computer, your own internet connection, and you’re good to go. If you can endlessly browse Facebook for the latest gossip or whatnot, you can earn money from Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero.

Yes. You may have heard of those promises before, as most moneymaking opportunities start off with those same claims and promises all over again. And to be honest, only a few opportunities can live up to those claims. Is Commission Hero one of them? Robby will say that he’s the real deal. What can you expect from someone who claims to be #1 on being a ClickBank affiliate, right? Besides, Facebook marketing is the method that helped his previous business from something that barely makes a living into one of the most successful and profitable gyms in the country, even today. If it works for his gym, the CrossFit Reach, then he’s confident that it could work in his affiliate marketing campaign. And it seemed like it did.

So, why be an affiliate of ClickBank? That’s because its affiliate program is rather attractive compared to other eCommerce websites for a few reasons. First is the commission rate. If you’re successful in selling a product on ClickBank, ClickBank will reward you with a rather handsome 50% commission. That’s generous considering others like Amazon and Shopify only reward you with single-digit percentage commissions (based on what I’ve heard). The second reason is that the requirements to be a ClickBank affiliate are a lot less strict compared to the more popular eCommerce platforms, with the only requirement being to register with a ClickBank account. And this is the reason that Robby Blanchard suggests being a ClickBank affiliate to earn money online, and he will also teach you how you can use Facebook ads to promote your product and get even more buyers.

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In fact, Commission Hero claims that it’s going to teach you three secrets for an effective and profitable affiliate marketing campaign. First, Commission Hero will teach you how you can find the most lucrative affiliate offers from any niche, on ClickBank. Most likely, it revolves around finding the high-ticket offers in ClickBank. Second, it will then teach you how you can effectively promote your affiliate links, by running Facebook ads. Facebook is a widely-used social media platform, so running ads here can be beneficial for a much larger reach. The third one is, that this online course will also delve into how you can convince your customers to buy the products you’re offering.

Unfortunately, despite all the flowery words Robby says here, I’m not inclined to recommend this online course completely to anyone. Especially not for the faint of heart. One of the reasons is because of the platform of choice for this training program. ClickBank is full of products that are what we can only say as “shiny objects”. This means that, while most of them are marketed as something that’s high-quality and a must-buy, they’re actually quite the opposite. It’s also no wonder that some of the products on ClickBank have high refund rates, which only further ruins its image.

The bad reputation of ClickBank as a marketing platform will also have implications when you use Facebook ads to promote your offers. There’s going to be a huge risk that your marketing account will get banned simply because you’re promoting these offers, which are considered spam. Sure, you could use a bridge page and try to game the system, but it’s only a matter of time because they detect it, anyway. Finally, if indeed, the offers suggested by Robby turn out to be profitable, with or without Facebook ads, then how many of his other students would also copy those offers? Thus, the problem of saturation. Overall, not recommended.

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