Automated Retail Commerce Review (Robert J Miller)

Robert J Miller

Robert J Miller is the founder and CEO of Automated Retail Commerce. Recently, he mentions how phase one of their already planned expansion was complete. Something about securing a warehouse, so I guess this has something to do with the e-commerce offers of his Automated Retail Commerce. Is this good for his program? I’ll say hell yeah, it should be gucci IF he’s being honest here. More info about him and his Automated Retail Commerce is down below.

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Of course, Robert posing behind a forklift doesn’t mean he actually got himself a warehouse. It’s the same analogy regarding the so-called gurus and sifus posing behind the nicest cars and cribs. A photo with ‘em fancy things doesn’t mean it’s theirs as they claim. T’is my way of saying that I’m a bit skeptical of him. Afterall, he’s an e-commerce automation guru himself.

You might say that I’m too harsh on assuming the worst out of him just because he’s a guru. Maybe I am, but I have a basis on why I think like that. I’ve reviewed hundreds of e-commerce automation programs, and for the lack of a better term, they’re mostly sh*t so far, and some are downright scam even. Is he and his Automated Retail Commerce an exception? Guess we have to find out.

From the program’s about page, Automated Retail Commerce is described as an “eCommerce business development firm that creates online assets, guided by proprietary tech to provide investors exposure to the growing online DTC market.” That’s a lotta buzzwords, but it only means that they’re here to provide you a DFY e-commerce store, either on Shopify or Facebook Marketplace, that runs on autopilot.

Of course, there’s the autopilot term. Seems like it’s the fave buzzword when it comes to e-commerce and automation. And oh, the AI too! T’was mentioned that Automated Retail Commerce is somehow powered by AI. Dude’s following a typical guru script, and I’m not surprised at all. I hope y’all see why I have doubts about him in the first place. 

Anyhow, here’s how he and his team do their thang. Upon finding a trending product in the market, they’ll create a branded Shopify or Facebook store for you, and manage its operations and marketing. Specifically, they’ll  do the following: Set up the store; test ad campaigns on several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat, and scale up whatever worked  best; and send you monthly profits and losses (PnL) once your store generates consistent income.

After twelve to eighteen months, they’ll either help you sell the store, or continue to manage it, so both of you can keep getting consistent monthly income. That’s the promise. How about the reality of it? Will he and his team be able to deliver what they say they’ll do? To put it simply , my skeptic ass is actually a BS radar all along.

Means there’s no way they’ll deliver on their promise. Just like how his previous brand in Scalebold goes. They performed poorly… well, besides scamming people. For the latter, they did it very well. Why, they get at least the $35k price upfront in exchange for their crappy services in Automated Retail Commerce. Not only that, they’re also able to charge $4,000… yes, four freakin’ k a month for ad spend which I believe a chunk goes straight to their pockets. Hustlers be hustlin’, amirite?

Automated Retail Commerce Review

Getting the bag for not knowing sh*t about marketing and e-commerce is what they do, as in they’re living the dream of every fake it ‘til you make it gurus, and needless to say, I hate it. It seems like they’re just sh*tty at everything, even in hiding the real scoop about themselves. They’re THAT bad.

In fact, the reason I was able to know about Robert’s involvement in the scummy Scalebold is that he just swapped titles with their current program’s CMO. Yup, they got the same slate of management peeps besides Robert who’s now assuming the CEO position instead of Kendall. And they thought that’d work in covering their tracks? ‘Xcuse me?

From putting up terrible ad copies full of typos as a marketing agency to putting up the same, but for the equally terrible stores they create as an e-commerce automation company. There’s no character development at all. Same ‘ol sh*tty results, customer service, and prices. Safe to say, Robert and his Automated Retail Commerce is no exception to the usual sh*ttiness of e-commerce automation programs, and they’re probably even worse. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend ‘em.

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