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Travis Robertson is the founder of The Don’t Settle Group, a training and coaching program that aims to teach individuals how they can make a lot of money in the real estate industry. You can even scale your real estate business to earn six-to-seven figures by employing the strategies presented here, and you don’t even need to resort to “old-school” tactics like door knocking, cold calling, and bothering friends and family for referrals for this to work. If you’re interested in boosting your income as a real estate agent or broker, then Travis Robertson may be able to help. Or can he?

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As a real estate agent, Travis Robertson has an impressive record in the industry. He is a member of the Keller Williams Victory Valley, one of the best coaching companies around. And he is also part of the Blue Steel Real Estate Company. He was also recognized as one of the Top 40 Real Estate Agents in 2021, and is a Forbes Coaches Council and Forbes Real Estate Council official member and contributing writer. Needless to say, he has an extensive number of credentials in the real estate industry, which makes him seem like a legitimate guy.

But just because he has a lot of credentials under his belt, doesn’t mean that you should immediately enroll in his real estate course and expect yourself to be successful easily. The Don’t Settle Group might be as legitimate as they claim to be, but how they market it to their target audience is rather off-putting. For instance, they’ll immediately say that the program is certainly not for everyone, and if you think you’re not passionate enough to get started in the real estate industry, then you certainly don’t have a place in their program.

To be fair, it’s understandable for some programs to add a condition like this, because it’s certainly going to save a lot of time and hassle for both parties. After all, if someone isn’t wholeheartedly committed to the program, then it’s not really going to work. But what makes this bad is that it sounds like The Don’t Settle Group is something that’s not intended for real estate newbies at all. Furthermore, this program doesn’t have any material, free or not, that caters to beginners like them, which is a big letdown.

Which also brings me to another requirement for this program, and that is, “you must be coachable.” But to be honest, their definition of being coachable is something that might turn off plenty of people. To put it simply, they’re not open to any feedback at all. You’re not supposed to question what they preach because they know what works and they “don’t have time to argue.” Discouraging feedback is far from having genuine love if you ask me. They’ll always insist that theirs is a better method because they know better. Okay. It’s an acceptable reason due to the credentials of the founder, but this also means that they may not be open to update their curriculum at all, which will make their training very outdated. And even if they did, it’ll be at a very slow pace.

Also, the reason that Travis Robertson is seeking individuals that are “coachable” and determined to learn under his training program, is that once you’re in, you’re basically stuck with the system until it’s finished. I mean, you can’t even refund your money if you realize that real estate isn’t working for you. Even if you’ve just joined the program for a few days and you realize that isn’t working for you, surprise! They’re not going to give you your money back. They may not say that it’s your fault for not being “passionate” enough, but they’re going to imply that you are. And again, this isn’t an inexpensive program. In fact, they won’t tell you on their website how much you should shell out on this, unless you book a call with them.

According to sources, however, Travis Robertson’s “The Don’t Settle Group” can cost you around $7,000. And once again, there’s no refunds or warranties offered to this program. So should you you avail of this? Honestly, I can’t recommend it, even if you’re someone who also has experience on real estate. Sure, Travis Robertson is as legitimate as he can be, but the fact that there’ no concrete evidence that some of his students have made success to this program is kinda off-putting. Besides, a real estate business right is kinda in a tough spot, no thanks to the pandemic. Especially since fewer people are buying new houses. Why settle for real estate at its low when there’s superior business models now that are up for grabs? Don’t be a martyr and choose what’s better for you. Click on the link below.

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