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STR Summit is one of the many coaching offers of the Real Estate Robinsons. In their website, it’s described as an event dedicated to helping y’all buy, manage, and scale short term rental portfolios. STR, short term rental, get it? In case you’re not familiar, STR usually pertains to renting your place out in Airbnb. Here, it means exactly that. I’m not surprised at all, and lemme tell you why in my review below.

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If you’ve heard about the Real Estate Robinsons first like me, you’ll surely understand what I said above. But if you don’t, you can head out to their YouTube channel and see for yourself. Lemme put it this way, the majority, if not all, of their videos are about Airbnb. It’s the ultimate STR to them… the biz they’re experts at, and nothing else comes close.

And from the looks of it, there’ll be no change of heart anytime soon. I mean, after putting up some clickbait “We’re quitting Airbnb” hurr durr content three months ago as of writing this review, they’re back with four newer vids showing that they’re far from quitting. As they should as they recently held this year’s STR Summit.

Now that I’ve answered why I expect Airbnb as the focus of STR Summit, I’ll move on to discussing the specifics of the Summit itself more. At its core, STR Summit is a live event where you’ll learn the ins and outs of launching an Airbnb biz. According to the Real Estate Robinsons, it’s more of a hands-on workshop rather than a regular conference.

Here’s a sneak peek of what STR Summit has to offer. First, you’ll learn how to choose your market here. It’s important to know this as making a mistake here means setting your biz up for failure. Next, you’ll learn how to secure financing. Obviously, anything real estate costs a lotta Gs which is why it’s crucial to secure financing to get your biz off the ground quick.

Third, you’ll get strategies on how to create your deal flow. Simply put, this means finding amazing deals and getting good at it. In relation to creating your deal flow, the fourth thing you’ll master [or so they say] here  is analyzing properties, Know how to analyze, know what to buy, basically.

Another thing you’ll learn in the STR Summit is how to establish your team. Questions on who you need to hire, how to find them, and how to ensure the entire hiring process is smooth sailing is answered here. In case you opt to be a one-man team, the discussion on automating your listings might come in handy.

Speaking of listings, there are also talks on how to get your pricing strategy right, how to make your property desirable by making it pop, and how to take your listing live. And to wrap things up, you’ll get insights on how to manage your guests and properties well. The type of management/service that earns five star reviews consistently, you’ll make constellations and galaxies outta ‘em in no time.

For the general admission ticket of STR Summit priced at $997, you’ll be allowed to attend all the speaker sessions and panels, exchange some hi’s and hello’s on a Sunday night networking mixer plus two more unofficial ones, and meet with all the STR Summit sponsors, maybe snap a photo with ‘em to flex on the ‘gram or whatever.

Then, there’s the STR Summit’s VIP ticket that cost $1,997 with all the perks of a general admission ticket plus exclusive seating near the front of the stage, private meal with the Real Estate Robinsons because why not, and a 90-day VIP group coaching call.

STR Summit Review

To put it bluntly, the cost plus it being about Airbnb is enough for me to not recommend STR Summit. Don’t wanna pay for something whose only value is a networking opportunity. Seriously, all the things that made this a hands-on workshop can be learned elsewhere for little to no cost.

I also don’t want to deal with potentially sh*tty guests [some who literally sh*t all over the place] in exchange for inconsistent income. I don’t want to kink shame, but I ain’t allowing no scat in my crib. FOH with that nasty.

Don’t want to be a sh*tty host either that contributes to the ongoing housing crisis. This so-called “Airbnb effect” is actually taking viable housing options from long term residents, pricing ‘em out. This leads to gentrifying residential ‘hoods, and harmful over-tourism. Why put myself in an ethical dilemma when I can simply choose another biz instead? [P.S. You can do the same as well].

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