MultiFamily Bootcamp Review (Rod Khleif)

Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif has already been featured recently here at Suugly. But the focus on that review is all on him, and not on his MultiFamily Bootcamp. Now, we’re putting the spotlight on the latter, the live version of it too rather than the virtual one, and see what’s the fuss about it. Would it be beneficial for you to take two days off to attend this training? Most importantly, is multifamily investment actually worth it? My thoughts about it are down below.

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From Rod’s website, the MultiFamily Bootcamp is a two-day live training event where he’ll guide you step-by-step through how to generate consistent monthly income out of multifamily investment aka apartments. The main promise here is you’ll discover how to buy an apartment in three months or less.

Quite bold of a promise, I should say. I know he’s a guy who claims to have bought and managed over two thousand properties over four decades, but c’mon now. Does he even consider the current housing market with very inflated prices we’re in today? The strategies from his extensive real estate experience (if it’s even true at all) won’t move the needle that much in making YOUR real estate experience any easier.

Old man is likely still living in the past, during the times when homebuyers are in their twenties on average, and not freakin’ 44 like it is today. The age difference I mentioned just highlights how the prices of today are also much different in the past (for the worst). Need ten, twenty more years of saving up today before being able to afford a house you can call your own. Let that sink in.

That being said, three months is kinda short IMHO since it’s damn hard to find a property that’s priced just right, and even that starts at six figures. Dunno, maybe he just assumes that everyone attending his thang has a lotta money. Or he’ll suggest taking massive loans, something that you owe and still need to pay for whether you win or lose. Those are the only explanations I could think of to make this promise make sense. 

Anyhow, aside from discovering how to buy properties in that short time span, he also mentions how he’ll help you break through your limiting beliefs, and develop the mindset and confidence you need to succeed. Again, it’s the mullahs that’ll limit you here more than anything else. 

And I mean, I won’t call YOLOing your way to real estate a needed mindset to succeed. Taking a risk, especially a calculated one, is fine, but gambling on situations you’ll likely lose BIG isn’t. Not everyone has f*ck me money, so my general advice is to only invest what you can afford to lose. Can you afford to lose six figures? Whaddya say?

Moving on, what you’ll apparently learn after attending the event are the following: How to analyze a property, how to find deals, how to fund your deals, how to negotiate like a multimillionaire investor, how to manage your properties, how to do due diligence, how to grow your network, how to build your team, and how to structure your real estate biz.

MultiFamily Bootcamp Review

Other inclusions depend on the type of ticket you purchase. For MultiFamily Bootcamp’s general admission ticket that cost $97, you’ll get script, templates, formulas, and access to a secret Facebook group for some “priceless networking” in Rod’s own words. On the other hand, MultiFamily Bootcamp’s VIP ticket that cost an additional $127 (total price is $224), you’ll also get all the inclusions of a general admission ticket plus all event recordings and the Finding Deals course.

Obviously, I won’t be recommending MultiFamily Bootcamp. Like I said before, it’s not really on him, but on his business model of choice. It’s not advisable to participate in it in the current state of its market. I already mentioned an Idaho home builder laying off their workers recently, but there’s a looooot more that did the same. Even real estate marketplace companies and mortgage lenders.

The most recent one is Seattle-based Redfin laying off a whopping 862 employees in total as the challenging housing market slows to a crawl. There are spurts of activity this year, sure, but hard to bet that it’ll happen again. Not in a consistent manner, that’s fosho. Don’t be caught crashing down with a sinking ship and stay away for any real estate for now. Thus, you better stay away from anything that suggests otherwise too like Rod’s MultiFamily Bootcamp.

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