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Tommy Rodriguez, like the other so-called Amazon FBA gurus out there, wants you to believe that you can build and run a profitable, automated, and cash-generating eCommerce business in under 90 days. And Tommy further adds that this is doable and already achievable at the cost of just a hundred bucks. It sounds unbelievable, does it? I have the same thought. But let’s get on with this review to see if he speaks the truth.

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Tommy Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Amazon Automation Empire, a company that specializes in, you guessed it, “automating” your eCommerce business on the Amazon selling platform. He has extensive knowledge of Amazon FBA selling, having been in business for more or less 7 years, starting in 2014. While it’s pretty sure that he may have taken up an online course or two about Amazon at some point, it’s claimed that most of the knowledge he gained today comes from several trial and error ventures while he struggled to learn how Amazon works, and how he can earn a good amount of money from it.

As soon as he felt like he has mastered the art of selling in Amazon, he then started to build a team in order to expand his business even more. They helped with order management, fulfillment, shipping, support, and even assisted with scaling his Amazon business. He then started developing various courses to allow him to teach everything he knows about Amazon and Amazon FBA. But Tommy then realized one thing.

Most people wanted to earn money by selling on Amazon FBA, but only a few people are willing to learn and build the business for themselves. for the others, it’s much better if they can have a done-for-you solution that’s basically “set and forget”. And the reason for the majority is, they simply don’t have time to deal with managing the business on a full-time basis due to other commitments. Hearing the concerns of his potential customers, Tommy then created his own Amazon FBA automation service.

Basically, Tommy’s Amazon Automation Empire is a service that builds and manages your own Amazon FBA store for you. You don’t have to attend to your eCommerce store on a regular basis because Tommy and his team will take care of everything for you, from the inventory to promoting your store, etc. All you have to do is to occasionally check up on your Amazon FBA store a few times, and collect the earnings you acquired from there. Tommy compared this to basically buying your own Amazon franchise.

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Tommy’s Amazon Automation Services have two advantages: First, you get a second passive income stream in addition to what you’re currently doing. It’s simple to set up and requires little to no action on your part. Second, you will have more time to spend with the people you care about. Because the reality is, it’s really hard to make money online without it turning into another job. Tommy’s Amazon automation services claim to provide the solution to this.

The automation services that Tommy offers come in three packages, ranging from $15,000-45,000. The most recommended one is the entrepreneur plan which costs $30,000. At the very least, I gotta give props to Tommy Rodriguez for being open with the pricing of his services. It’s even posted on his website, compared to other gurus and their online programs who go to great lengths to keep things a secret.

To keep the business running while you wait for your first Amazon payment, you’ll also need a credit card balance of $15,000 to $20,000. Obviously, this is for the cost of the inventory for the products you’re going to sell. He also acknowledged that seeing a return on your investment would take 12 to 18 months, or longer. It seems like the man is speaking the truth. To proceed with this training, you will, nevertheless, require patience and a substantial amount of money.

Again, kudos to Tommy for being transparent about the costs. And it seems that he’s a legit guy. Th service does not seem to be a rip-off at all.. There isn’t enough evidence that say that the service is a scam, thus they’re most likely a real business. There are, however, a few areas about which I am unsure. The service claims to be in charge of all parts of your business, right? Is this to say they’ll be in charge of ad campaigns as well? Or you’ll also have to pay for all the marketing for your Amazon FBA store? Regardless of the answer, it’s a good service to avail of. The only barrier for this is the huge amount of capital that you need, not just for the Amazon automation service, but for the Amazon FBA business itself as well.

There are some risks as well. Even if you intend to recruit assistance in the future, learning how to operate a firm on your own is still preferable. It’s not a good idea to be unaware of how your company works since you’ll be more exposed to being taken advantage of. Besides, the Amazon FBA business model isn’t lucrative. In fact, he majority of Amazon businesses record a profit of barely 10%, which is rather low.

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