Rohini Mundra Review

Rohini Mundra

Rohini Mundra calls herself a mindshift coach. From her talks online, she sounds exactly like that – a motivational speaker and life coach. And not the good one, mind you, as she’s the talking in circles type of speaker. Like, just stop blabbering too much fluff and get straight to the point. To make the matters worse, she’s also presenting herself as a business coach. The features in TedX and Forbes got in her head, I guess. Scroll below to know more.

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Contrary to popular belief, getting featured in TedX and Forbes ain’t that prestigious. In Rohini’s case, she just paid her way into those platforms. In fact, the Forbes’ feature straight up says as a disclaimer that none of their journalists were “involved in the writing and production” of Rohina’s article. It’s likely just a puff piece by one of her PR staff.

So, what’s the deal with her anyway? Aside from the usual mindset training, she also has seminars for building your very own million dollar biz. Just like Alex Smale, she offers a training program, dubbed as Xtraordinary Speakers Academy, that focuses on making money out of coaching.

From the get-go, it’s already giving some off-putting vibes. First, there’s no way you’ll become a world-class trainer and “xtraordinary” speaker with her course. Definitely not when you have a really bad case of stage fright as she claims. Y’know, “shaking uncontrollably” and “sweating profusely” at the thought of a public speaking type of bad. Too good to be true for a generic course to treat it better than a cognitive behavioral therapy would. Heck, I’m not even impressed with her skills as a speaker, so I don’t think she can teach you to be a “world-class” one.

I also don’t like how you need to pay her right away for what is basically a sales pitch to her pricier offers. I’m talking about her three-hour live webinar. To be fair, it’s not that expensive at ₹499 or $6.5. Still, I won’t recommend paying for something that you can get for free.

Anyway, here’s some bits of info on what to expect on her program. From her site, the introductory course in Xtraordinary Speakers Academy Masterclass is marketed as a four-step system that can help you set your goals, reprogram your subconscious, and become an expert speaker, trainer, or coach that can potentially earn six figures a month.

The four steps can be summarized as follows: creating a crystal clear road map (linked to setting your goals in a “scientific” manner), creating your warrior blueprint (linked to reprogramming your subconscious mind), discovering your niche, and learning how to speak like a star.

The said program has its price listed as  ₹150,000 or around 2,000 in US Dollars initially. However, the checkout page displays a higher figure since you still have to pay for some tax in India called GST. In the end, you’ll be charged ₹177,000 or $2,326. Regardless, the first price displayed is already too pricey, IMO. Not issuing receipts is a red flag too when they’re charging GST. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Rohini is pocketing the tax money, but it’s still unprofessional to not issue such.

Rohini Mundra Review

That’s only the masterclass. The actual 12-week XtraOrdinary Speakers Academy program cost a whopping ₹472,000. When converted, that’s $6,200 down the drain. And I thought Alex Smale’s Sell What You Know 14-week program at $5,000 is already ridiculous….

In fact, the pricing is much more ridiculous when you account for the quality of her courses. None of her courses came close to offering something that warrants thousands of dollars in price. Don’t take my word for it, it’s the general consensus of reviews outside Rohina’s site. And oh, add the complaints of sleazy sales tactics that includes pressuring you to sell all your sh*t and getting a loan just to sign up for her program.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend any of Rohini’s programs. Don’t get me wrong here, I think there’s a LOT of money in coaching when you do it right. Just look at all the courses I’m reviewing, most of them are getting their moolahs from offering a “coaching” service. However, there’s nothing extraordinary about her programs that’ll make you a six-figure coach. Definitely, not through her half-baked presentations and rumblings.

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