Rona Proof Masterclass Review (Tony The Closer)

Tony The Closer

Tony “The Closer” Robinson has been busy recently with planning live events of his program. Maybe he wants to be the first to offer a face-to-face seminar again on places where Covid-19 restrictions are getting lifted. Specifically, he’s planning to organize a 5000-people live event in Miami as soon as two months from now. However, I’m not really interested on this or any of his courses due to his business model. More details on why I’ll skip his offers below.

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First, let me tell what Tony’s flagship course, Rona Proof Masterclass, has to offer. It’s a 10-module class about wholesaling that costs $1,997.  If you’re not familiar with this business model, it’s a derivative of real estate where you secure a contract with a usually distressed property of a seller and find an interested buyer that will pay it at a price you set with additional markup. You’ll keep the difference between the contract price of the seller and the price you set with markup as your profit. FYI, distressed properties are those houses on the brink of foreclosure and/or those that requires significant repair.

Fun fact about Tony is he’s one of the athletic and sporty type of gurus like Misha Wilson who had extensive college experience in their respective sport. Tony has a slight edge over them since apparently, he’s been in the pro scene before. Specifically, he mentions that he was a linebacker for Seattle Seahawks NFL team. It’s a very short stint which is probably why I couldn’t find any of his stats or specific info about his NFL career, only one news behind a paywall that mentioned Seahawks waiving him (ouch). As someone who’s inclined to support Bay area teams too which includes the San Francisco 49ers, I will say that I’m not impressed with his team either. F*ck the toots forever and bang bang Niner gang!

Anyway, the modules in the course are titled as follows: Getting Started, Finding Hot Leads, Build Your List, Cold Outreach 101, Make The Offer, Securing Contracts, Open Escrow – Title Company, Cash Buyers, Coordinate The Close, and Getting Paid.

If you’re wondering who’s Rona, then let me tell you that Tony is not actually referring to an actual person in the title of his masterclass. Instead, it’s a shortened version of Corona – as in he’s talking about the virus, Covid-19 itself, and how his wholesaling biz is pandemic-proof. If you’ve read one of my previous reviews on other wholesaling courses, you’ll know that I’ll raise my eyebrows here because of this claim. Like what’s so special about HIS wholesaling that it’s not like the rest of real estate biz that are quite the opposite of pandemic-proof. Turns out, Tony claims only stems from their “interactive map” software, similar to the skip tracing app of Dolmar Cross, that will connect you to distressed sellers without doing an actual site visit yourself.

Rona Proof Masterclass Review

What’s my verdict then on his course? Well, I find it too expensive for my taste. For only course materials and nothing else (except the map thing), I think charging $1,997 is too much. Rumors of pricier upsells is something I’ll be wary too. You’re supposed to enter an educational program, not something like a pressure cooker where Tony and his team will pressure-sell you non-stop to buy all his sh*t.

Personally, I won’t be recommending any business models tied to real estate. Having to cold-call everyday is such a no for me too. If you’re someone that is not used to getting rejected or doesn’t respond well to such, then turn your back immediately and never look back on Tony’s course. Being rejected too many times a day is a norm in his biz.

Ultimately, I’ll be wary of transacting with a guy like Tony too who’s notorious for not keeping his end of the bargain. He’s sued by someone who supposedly won Tony’s $100,000 sweepstakes because he only paid $30,000 initially and indicates that he has no interest of paying the remaining balance of $70,000. Tony’s playing hot potato too here and passing the blame on another real estate mogul in Jay Morrison. He accused Jay of running away with $50,000 of the sweepstakes money, among other scummy things, but that’s no valid reason to not pay the winner. I mean, if he’s flexing his rich lifestyle with Lambos and such, then paying something out of your own pocket first before settling his beef with Jay isn’t that hard to do. It’s also his fault that he got scammed, why put the consequence of his stupidity to someone else?

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