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Everybody wants to a job where they can earn from doing what they love. For me, it’s a tie between writing and graphic design. So writing this is basically a dream come true. There are people out there who make a living working for a company of their dreams. One such person is Ronnie Singh, better known in the gaming community as Ronnie2K. He works for 2K as a digital marketing director, specifically for the NBA2K franchise, a tentpole at the gaming company. So how did Ronnie Singh’s career start and how much is his net worth? We’ll find out.

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It’s always interesting to see people succeed in things they’re passionate about. You don’t often see people have the best of both worlds. But Ronnie2K is proof of that. Ronnie grew up in Bay Area as lover of sports. He wasn’t picky about any of them. You name it, he has probably played. But he has a strong affinity for basketball. So much so that he went to the University of California in San Diego, a campus known for its collegiate men’s basketball team.

For a sports fan, you wouldn’t really expect Ronnie2K to graduate with a major in Economic Management Science and a minor in Law. He admitted in an interview that he changed majors quite a few times, much to the chagrin of his family. But he was determined to be a sports agent like Jerry Maguire. So he applied for a job at a law firm While he was working at a law firm, he was also working for a minor league women’s basketball team. The pay he got from the law firm was great but it wasn’t something he was passionate about. So he stuck to working for the women’s basketball team. Later on, he went to work for a minor-league baseball team based in San Diego. One of the first things he did was get Jose Canseco on the team. Unfortunately, Jose wanted to spend more with his daughter in Long Beach so he got traded to a team based there. But when that team came to San Diego, Ronnie decided to buy juice boxes and print out stickers of Jose’s face and stick it on the juice that they would then give out to the audience. That stunt was taken notice by SportsCenter and the spark was lit. (Context: Jose Canseco recently published a book titled “Juiced” at the time where talked about his use of performance enhancing drugs.)

On his off time, Ronnie decide to play NBA2K, a game that was just released to consoles. With his love for the game, he would often be at the top of the leader boards. He then went on message boards and talked about the game endlessly. 2K took notice of that. Then, an offer came up for Ronnie to manage the forums that 2K manages. He accepted, thus beginning his career at the company.

Forums, at large, were losing active users. At the same time, social media was beginning to flourish. Ronnie2K started creating accounts on those sites and slowly grew his follower base over time. Then came the launch party for NBA 2K11. Somehow, the executives thought Ronnie would be the right person to do interviews with celebrities at the party. And it just clicked. Since then Ronnie became the franchise’s hypeman, thus becoming the guy we know today as Ronnie2K.

Ronnie is still hyping the NBA 2K franchise to this day. If you look at his Twitter and Instagram, a lot of his posts involve him being on the field, joining up with different players of different teams, or talking about the company’s philanthropic endeavors. It’s no wonder he has an estimated net worth of $1,500,000.

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