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Launch You Review (Stuart Ross)

Launch You Review

Launch You’s most recent posts in Facebook is about cultivating self-belief. They quote, “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.” Problem is, they say allat while not showing any trust in themselves in terms of their social media game. Why, they haven’t posted for a while in any of their pages, gone radio silent since 2022! And yet they got all their Facebook “reviews” this year. Quite odd, isn’t it? I’ll tell you more about it in my review below.

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Haven’t heard from the creator of Launch You in Stuart Ross either. In particular, I’m talking about the lack of activity in his Facebook profile. Can’t say if he’s also MIA on the ‘Gram ’cause dude has his account set in private. He ain’t letting me, or anyone not on his lists, snitch. ‘Kay!

The intro video in their YouTube channel is also outdated, just par for the course. Here, Stuart exclaims, “The best investment is investment in you.” To him, it doesn’t  matter where you do that, how you do that, what budget you do it on— just invest in you. Of course, he means buy Launch You and its offers, duh!

Their vision is for you to create a life of self-reliance online. It entails being self-sufficient, and being able to write your own income regardless of the economy. To wrap this presentation, Stuart claims that Launch You is going to be “an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Riiight. He gotta chill with ‘em big words ‘cause from the looks of it, Launch You is just a marketing course. Nothing groundbreaking at all. That’s with their LaunchPad Pro offer, at least. For Accelerate, it’s marketing and e-commerce combined. Same old, same old.

That being said, let’s discuss what’s with their offers. In Launch You’s website, LaunchPad Pro is described as an online business “launchers portal” [is the term “launchers” really necessary?] that provides training and community to create your dream biz from scratch.

You apparently get to choose a biz, although I bet they’ll strongly encourage you to just do their thang. It doesn’t really matter, though. Whether you choose a biz on your own or not, they’ll only talk about how you’ll do marketing for it, anyways.

Like I’ve said before, LaunchPad Pro is just marketing. That is, besides its modules one and two where they’ll guide you on business foundations, having the right mindset, and choosing a business model that’s right for you.

To drive the point home, here are the topics discussed in the rest of the modules: Identifying your niche and customer avatar; building your site and developing a brand; how to promote, engage, and build a loyal audience through attraction marketing; and how to generate traffic and convert leads into sales. All about marketing, told ya!

Regarding the price, this 8-week online course of Launch You would cost you a one time payment of $997 or $197 upfront fee plus eleven monthly installments of $99. For a marketing course, this is too pricey IMHO. And guess what, the next offer in Accelerate is even pricier.

Speaking of which, Accelerate is a 12-month dream business masterplan [read: mentorship] that, like LaunchPad Pro, will help you launch your dream business. The difference is, Accelerate includes more advanced, more extensive marketing/e-commerce workshops rather than just the [shorter] modules.

Stuart Ross

Unlike LaunchPad Pro, it also provides access to weekly interactive expert coaching calls, DFY templates, and website funnel builders. Reports online suggests that this offer of Launch You would cost you at least $4k. Insane pricing, I know, but wait ’til you hear their upsells. I was told that the latter could potentially cost you up to $17k. I repeat, seventeen frickin’ K! No way a marketing-centric course should be this expensive, yet here we are.

The price alone is already enough for me to NOT recommend any of Launch You’s programs. Too expensive to be taken seriously. Besides, Stuart doesn’t have the best reps in the coaching space either. It’s not only because of his the lack of [public] online presence, but also his involvement with shady MLMs in the past.

Yup, this is an easy pass for me. And no, the glowing reviews on Facebook I’ve mentioned earlier is not enough to make me say otherwise. Not when anyone could just post whatever BS review there, including crypto and forex scams.

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