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Roughnecks Ecom Reviews

Roughnecks Ecom

Roughnecks Ecom founder Reco Jefferson got featured on several articles mentioning that  the “private label dropshipping guy”. In my opinion, the mentor persona he’s trying to portray with the said moniker doesn’t have the oomph in it compared to his other branding. The latter is about the army stuff that’s all over Reco’s copy. But hey, don’t purchase this one out just because of  the camouflage design and sh*t. Kindly scroll for my review about the program below.

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Reco is not just a military junkie who’s obsessed with all things army for no apparent reason. He’s apparently an actual vet and he’s hellbent to make us know about it. Like, alright, we get it. I extend my gratitude and all, but now what? Can we now move on to judging your claim as a seven-figure seller instead?

Actually, to accomplish the said, ahem, mission, I need to look past Reco himself. Nothing much going on with his personal life (that I know, at least) for me to swoop in and dissect. Instead, I’ll shift my attention towards the offers of his very own Roughnecks Ecom program. And yes, dude really got lotta ammos, er, coaching offers to choose from.

First offer, the Roughnecks Ecom Bootcamp, is a usual do-it-yourself training course. Essentially, he’ll hand-hold you towards the learning process, but he’ll eventually let go and leave you on your own on the actual implementation. Just a disclaimer for anyone who might’ve the wrong idea, being left out here to do the thang alone is NOT a form of betrayal, but just how the cookie crumbles on every other similar training.

Are we clear? I sure hope so and don’t let the army aesthetic of Reco’s on his site make you think otherwise. Although, not gonna lie, that’d be somehow hilarious if his choice of branding  suddenly backfired on him and made people think he’s sort of a traitor or sum (spoiler alert, he’s probably worse). Shoot oneself in the foot and in ya face typa stuff, ha!

Anyways, the said offer will have training on Amazon dropshipping (not FBA), flipping phones off Swappa, setting up and running Facebook ads, and much more. In his own words, the Bootcamp is all about “teaching you how eCommerce works and putting YOU in a position to win.”

The Bootcamp will try to deliver on the said promise through the following: Six-week worth of course materials, personal mentorship (aka way to slide into Reco’s dms), access to exclusive events like The Gauntlet and In-Person Mastermind, and membership on both Roughnecks only Facebook and Telegram group. The price of Roughnecks Ecom Bootcamp? Well, this particular offer of Roughnecks Ecom cost a one time payment of $797 or two monthly payments of $597.

Bit pricey, I know, but wait ‘til you hear his automation offer. So, instead of doing it alone, he’ll do it now with you. No, not just that, this muscular fella will apparently do all the heavy lifting for you. Yeah, all of that except taking on any financial risks. The latter is all on you alone. Yeaaaaah….

Roughnecks Ecom Reviews

Unlike the usual DFY automation offers, however, Reco is not asking for a profit share, but a fixed fee every year. Red flag alert, ladies and gents, because this already reveals his grim outlook on the store he himself will be managing. Think about it, the fixed yearly re-up fee of $9k or less is apparently better to him than taking a cut on a promised six to seven figure yearly profit. That’d be a broken promise fosho.

And so the Roughnecks Ecom automation offers goes like this: The cheapest one at $17,500 one time fee includes a DFY store with yearly re-up fee of $9k. If you want one suspension help (yeah, not sure why Reco would not do this automatically on a store he himself is goddamn running) and a cheaper $6k re-up fee, then select the $22,500 package instead. Finally, the $30,000 package includes unlimited help with suspension plus a $3k re-up fee.

There’s no way I’ll be recommending this predatory BS to ya. I can’t confirm this, but I would like to believe that he was dismissed from the military, if this army story of his is even true at all, for being a bitch just like in Roughnecks Ecom. I mean, he’s literally outing himself to be one as he’s also encouraging payment through Bitcoin. He’s not running a biz that’s even remotely related to crypto, then he’s gonna ask THAT? Suspicious as heck and he’s likely doing this, so that you can’t dispute ‘em charges anymore once you requested a much expected refund. Vámonos, we’re outta here.

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