31 Days To Build A Better Blog Review (Darren Rowse)

31 Days To Build A Better Blog Review

31 Days To Build A Better Blog is said to be an online course designed to help revitalize blogs. Darren Rowse, the digital creator behind it, claims that it’s something for blogs that need a kickstart, or perhaps a level up. Regardless if you’re a newbie blogger who doesn’t know what to do next after the initial set up, or an established one whose blog has hit a wall, Darren asserts that his course is perfect for you. Oh, word?

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To no one’s surprise, the dude who’ll get ‘em monies when you buy 31 Days To Build A Better Blog course would say that it’s perfect for you… Or essentially for everyone in the blogging space. I’m not hating him and his boundless enthusiasm, but I’d still advise y’all to take what he says with a grain of salt. He’s obviously biased, duh!

Although, don’t get me wrong, he’s not necessarily bad. There’s a reason this Aussie is considered one of the OG full-time blogger. Been paving his path to relevance since the year ‘02. He was a superstar in the blogging space, although he’s understandably waaay past his prime now. Yup.

If you’re here reading this review, I wanna say congrats, give ya pat in the back [with consent] as you’ve done the first step of seeing Darren’s course from an unbiased perspective. Seeing everything through, uh, Rowse-tinted glasses is not always the best option, y’know.

So, what’s up with 31 Days To Build A Better Blog, then? At its core, it’s your usual, a bit non-technical, blogging course. The goal here is not to become another Darren in terms of style, but to be a unique, well-disciplined [someone with the right habits] you.

Despite the 31 days on its name, the course is something that could be taken at your own pace. Going fast as if sprinting through, or taking it slow and steady as if issa a marathon— it doesn’t matter. Whatever your preference is, Darren assures that you’ll learn everything in his course just fine.

Talking about the specifics, the course will cover several ways of promoting and monetizing your blog. It follows the daily teachings, tasks, examples, and notes listed on a $20 workbook with the same exact name.

In no particular order, the said topics are as follows: Write a list post, analyse a top blog in your niche, join a forum and start participating, use a magazine to improve your blog [so 2000s], develop an editorial calendar for your blog, take a trip to the mall and improve your blog [COVID says hi!], create a sneeze page for your blog [not about COVID this time, issa page that highlights your best post], and many more. Thirty one of this in total.

Beside the core training with topics I mentioned above, you’ll also get complementary slides and writable worksheets plus access to a private Facebook group with a purchase of Darren’s 31 Days To Build A Better Blog course. Which, BTW, cost a one time payment of $99. Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Remember how I say that the dude is waaay past his prime? If you think I was tripping, then you got it wrong. I’m not kidding at all. I say dude is past his prime NOT because his sites like Pro Blogger dot com is on the decline. In fact, it’s still doing relatively well.

Darren Rowse

Rather, I say it because he didn’t bother to update his blogging ways, including the strategies and techniques listed in his 31 Days To Build A Better Blog. It’s bad news considering how frequent and vital are these changes. The average bloggers gotta keep up with it or their blog will tank worse than the Titan submersible.

Essentially, he’s just riding the coattails of his past success. I don’t dismiss his hardwork nor the leap of faith he took on becoming a full-time blogger. It’s just his old, outdated ways won’t cut it if he’s just an ordinary, up and coming blogger.

The course really needs a massive overhaul. Unless he updates it, I guess it’s safe to say that now’s the time to hang his boots in teaching new-age bloggers his old-age ways. It’s not perfect for anyone now, not even for himself.

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