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Roxanne Pulitzer Net Worth

Whenever somebody gets married to an heir of a company, there’s always going to be some drama involved. It almost feels like the moment that a person who is going to inherit the family fortune marries somebody who is not within the same circles as they are, it eventually becomes a made-for-TV movie. Something about that kind of thing happening in real life always feels like it’s not actually real. It’s vary rare for it to happen. But when it does, it’s almost as if everybody’s eyes are on the couple. Even if no one cared for them initially.

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I haven’t really heard about Roxanne Pulitzer before all of this. Her last name definitely rings a bell. I mean, it’s a prestigious prize in journalism and the arts. A lot of authors that I have read and shows that I watched have been awarded that prize in recent years. But I am fully aware that the Pulitzer Prize isn’t named after Roxanne. Though initially I thought that she may or may not have been involved with the family whose namesake was the person who started the prize. Weirdly enough, I was right.

Even though I know of the Pulitzer Prize, I didn’t really know the origins of it. As I did my research on Roxanne Pulitzer, it sort of lead me to learning a bit more about the Pulitzer Prize and how it started. Basically, the namesake of the prize, Joseph Pulitzer, had built an empire in print journalism. He stipulated in his will that he would put money into Columbia University to build a journalism school and establish the Pulitzer Prize. Honestly, it’s kind of vain to do that. But when you have money, it’s easy to get people to go along with it.

Fast forward a bit. The Pulitzer name continued to be a big part of the news ecosystem in the United States. Aside from publishing newspapers, they’ve expanded to broadcasting via radio and television. It makes sense that a company with a decent amount of resources would want to expand their company to find more ways to earn money. I mean, at the end of the day, you kind of need money to keep the company running. It seems that Joseph’s children managed to keep the legacy that their father built. It’s difficult to lose the thing that gave them a comfortable life.

Basically, Roxanne and Herbert Pulitzer got married in the early 1970s. Like I said at the beginning, it’s very hard for anybody who isn’t rich to be thrust into a world that they have no experience. At the point that Herbert and Roxanne met, Herbert was already 40-something years old and Roxanne was in her early 20s. Herbert also had kids by then. His wife before he met Roxanne was fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer.

One thing that gets pointed out in some of the articles that talked about Roxanne and Peter’s relationship was that both Lilly and Roxanne kind of grew tired of Peter. They wanted to do some stuff but it seems that Peter wasn’t always up for it. Although, Peter did help Lilly establish her clothing company. So Peter seems willing to help sometimes. But not enough that made either Lilly or Roxanne willing to stay.

So eventually, Peter and Roxanne filed for divorce. But somehow their divorce trial became something of a spectacle. It’s kind of insane how quickly drama could unfold out of nowhere. Apparently both parties accused each other of doing affairs. Peter accused Roxanne of spending too much of his money on a bunch of random stuff. He also accused her of introducing him to cocaine. For somebody who was a party boy in his youth, I was surprised that he just somehow started using cocaine once he and Roxanne were together.

Eventually, the trial was over. Peter gained custody of the twins while Roxanne got her Porsche some jewelry and a monthly compensation for two years. Somehow, despite them going through such a publicized divorce, they still somehow managed to date for a year before fully breaking up. Eventually Roxanne got into other relationships after that. By 2011, she had a net worth of $15,000,000. It seems that she is somehow still married to a guy named Tim.

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