Royalty Hero Review (Sean Dollwet)

Sean Dollwet

Sean Dollwet doesn’t talk much about his Amazon KDP thang on his Instagram recently. What he usually posts there is more about his vacays where he sees those “big ass statues” and the likes. But hey, it’s not a problem at all since you can just hop on his YouTube channel if you’re only interested in knowing what’s with his Amazon KDP course in Royalty Hero. Or better yet, you can just read my review about it below.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you must avoid him and his YouTube channel at all cost. I should say it’s not all BS and unnecessary hype. He even got a beginner’s self-publishing course there that you can watch for free. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that his paid course is worth it. It calls for more research. This is why I’m writing this review. I’ll do the due diligence for ya. You’re welcome.

Now, what’s with Royalty Hero besides involving Amazon KDP? If you’ve read the text at the very top of the site, you’ll know. He proclaims himself a self-publishing millionaire there, so, of course, he’ll teach you how to do dropshipping… Just kidding! Obviously, he’ll teach you how to self-publish on Amazon KDP.

“I’ll teach you how to self-publish your way to millions, paid for by the royalties from Amazon’s KDP,” adds Sean. Ah, that’s why it’s named Royalty Hero. You’ll become a hero (not “shooting lasers from the eyes” type of hero, unfortunately) with royalties. Makes sense, alright. Another implication of the name would be the course being your hero since Sean says he’s no scammer nor one of those “unscrupulous, self-appointed gurus”. Is he really not? Hmmm.

The main strategy here is something Sean calls book stacking. According to him, it’s a process where each book you publish builds on itself. Means the more books you publish, the better since it’ll build your brand as an author. Better brand recognition means more sales, and more sales means more money for ya. You get it.

As usual, the primary way you’ll learn this book stacking strategy and all the how-tos of self-publishing is through the course’s core training. Here, you’ll get nine weeks of education that’ll apparently make you go from absolute beginner to top 0.1% of all publishers. Yeah, not just 1%, but THAT decimal figure. Quite a bold claim if you ask me, much bolder than his claim of being a millionaire at 26 years old.

Anyway, here are the titles for each week’s modules: Mindset, Choosing A Niche, Creating Your Best-Selling Book, Grow Your Fanbase, Launch Your Best-Seller, Amazon Masterclass, Beyond Amazon, Automated Systems, and Scaling To A Seven-Figure Publishing Mogul. Most of the titles are pretty self-explanatory, so I’d rather just spill my takeaways here.

Takeaway number one, Sean suggests the use of “low-competitive” niches and keywords here. Quite the opposite of Rob Anderson who points you towards writing about hot and popular topics. Two, you’ll hire ghostwriters here instead of writing the book on your own. Seems like doing this thang out of passion is something Sean and most self-publishing “experts” don’t consider. And takeaway number three, you’ll use paid ads.

Royalty Hero Review

The price of Sean’s Royalty Hero? From a third-party site, I’ve seen that Royalty Hero costs around $2,000. That’s with monthly Q and A calls, some free templates, and access to a Facebook Mastermind group. Regardless, I still find it too expensive. Not only the course, but the whole thang actually since you’ll be advised to outsource everything. 

Also, why pay the premium when this dude’s not showing any solid proof that he’s a legit author of best-sellers anyway. No, I don’t need those dashboard screenshots that anyone can easily photoshop. His works being apparently written under a pen name won’t cut it either. He told us that he wrote a lotta books, what’s the harm of sharing the sauce on one? None, right? However, he’s suspiciously quiet on that front… typical from someone who’s faking it. Just sayin’.

Besides, self-publishing on Amazon KDP today is not what it used to be. Gone are the easy days, hello intense competition now. With the current policies enforced by Amazon, I don’t think you’ll have luck in being a true royalty hero as an average person here. Not from following Sean’s advice that’s essentially quantity over quality. Why, it’s because the policies are there to make it difficult for authors/publishers to earn from low quality and low content books. Thus, I don’t suggest signing up for Royalty Hero. Not worth it.

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