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Royston G King Review

Royston G King

Royston G King reminds me of Game of Thrones’ Daenerys [the gal played by Emilia Clarke] and her comically excessive labels. Let’s just say that dude is even more extra. “Self-made & world-renowned multimillionaire award-winning 8-figure serial entrepreneur” and that’s only one out of his incredibly long list of distinctions. For someone under twenty-five, his resume is impressive … or is it? Seems like something doesn’t add up. I’ll tell you about it and more in my review below.

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You know what’s odd? It’s Royston paying for lotta PRs and clout instead of letting his achievements speak for himself. It would be reasonable if it’s only to kickstart his public presence. Everybody has to start somewhere, I s’pose.

But nope, the media about him [excluding this review, of course] seems like they’re all bought. Besides the puff pieces and sponsored shoutouts, his social media accounts seem fake as hell too. Like, they were not really his before.

For instance, his Instagram got millions of followers yet he’s only pulling few engagement- hidden likes and comments not going over a hundred. Sorry to tell you but his pics with Gordon Ramsay and Gary Vee don’t mean much. They’re just… pics.

I’m not saying that every venture partnership and consulting work he listed are all fake. They could be genuine, and at the same time, they could also be of very minor significance.

I mean, if they’re significant, I won’t be talking about this young man paying his way to relevance since he doesn’t need to. The website of his ”ultimate all-in-one CRM sales and marketing software” in Retail Billions would prolly not look like the generic crap that it is right now either.

Anyways, let’s talk about the course he’s selling at Trillion Dollar Growth dot com [which, BTW, doesn’t look any better than Retail Billion’s]. After putting ‘em contact deets on the squeeze page, you’ll see Royston’s credentials overload shenanigans once again… Now, with boatloads of Facebook testimonials!

I checked ‘em out and they’re coming from an odd mix of people: Royston himself [cornball really wrote “We ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD, NO ONE CAN COME CLOSE TO US.”] digital creator and “gurus”, random south east Asian people, and hacked profiles that are likely bought from some shady site to farm these kind of reviews. Smells fishy, I know.

In addition, the page where these buncha people left their “reviews” has been inactive for years. Worse, it’s for another program called Master Scaling and not Trillion Dollar Growth. Dude is recycling the wrong type of trash, welp.

Tried anotha link (the one on his Instagram) and I finally landed on a page with Royston explaining his thang. Right off the bat, he enumerated [of course, he does] that it’s not dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, YouTube automation, appointment setting, Airbnb and real estate, SMMA, and setting up ATMs. Instead, it’s about e-commerce.

Royston G King Review

He argues that since ChatGPT suggested starting an e-commerce store, it must be the number one business model. Besides taking someone else’s post out of context, his argument claiming that ChatGPT spits “undeniable fact” [and what he’s saying is not an opinion] is simply flawed when there’s a “may produce inaccurate info” disclaimer on ChatGPT itself. It’s LLM, not the freakin’ oracle.

He’s playing the “Asian dude in Cali, must be a tech bro” persona really well as he also mentioned how his thang is better than cryptos and NFTs. Comparing it to those two is setting the bar to hell, so, duh, it must be better! Says it’s a new opportunity too, but nope, there’s nothing brand new about branded dropshipping!

So, yeah, his new way e-commerce is just that, branded dropshipping. His marketing method of starting with organic traffic before transitioning to a paid one isn’t a “never before seen” method as he claims either. Allat delusion of Royston is available on his Trillion Dollar Growth course that presumably cost around $3k. No exact figures since he didn’t mention any. Doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t be buying it anyway!

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