Russ Ruffino Review

How often have you heard of a person who has little to no knowledge about marketing then suddenly makes millions of money out of it? Well, Russ Ruffino isn’t an alien to that kind of backstory. He was one of those successful people nowadays that came from rags to riches after entering the world of online marketing. Let’s see how he started and where he is now in the industry to know if we can also adopt his ways.

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Russ Ruffino was a bartender back in the day. He got a liking to marketing when he noticed his friend became successful in online marketing and social media. He fancied the idea of earning money while in the comfort of their own homes hence he threw himself into learning the ways of the unknown field he wanted to dive into – online marketing. He first started making an ebook and video course based on his ideas, and to his surprise, it sold.

Earning big bucks in months made him realize that maybe someone who bought his course and products does not usually use it and became stagnant, which led him to toss away all of his product, and instead make use of his knowledge to strategize with people, either online or face to face, earning their trust, so that he can force them to move and make a change and an end goal that shows progress. That’s how Clients on Demand was born. 

With the success within a small group of people, he then built a working system that helped people find their ways to become successful. He then started doing Youtube vlogs, Facebook ads, which in the end attract more people into availing their program which provides their so-called cutting-edge techniques in the world of online marketing. Claiming that you can earn 5 to 6 figures monthly, which we all know is too good to be true.

Clients on Demand is an online training program that teaches you on how you will charge appropriate rates to potential clients while doing specific tasks/services. They will also teach you ways on how you will convince clients that your ways are potent and proven effective, all with a cost of $9,000-$15,000. They claim that their program is spot-on, which gives way to clients paying higher rates while receiving high-quality services. 

One key to his success is that he built a well established team that can help him maintain the program. He once wrote something about how you can build a 7-figure team. He believes that recruiting affiliates is not a cost, but rather an investment to long term profits, which is true. If you hire someone who’s better at things you’re worse or only good at, why not hire them (outsourcing), which helps you to be more productive on parts where you know you excel at.

That’s how he found his coaching program Clients on Demand. So it’s not that you need to join the program, you just have to persevere and literally just do your own research so that you can gain knowledge and become more creative in ways that you can be more successful, just like Russ. Then you can believe that if someone can do it, so can you without coughing up a big sum of money.

It’s not that I’m dissing his program and how it works because there are already testimonials in their website about how some people became successful and earned big bucks after being guided by CoD’s coaches. Either they’re real or dummy accounts, I’ll leave it to you on how you will discern such thought. But paying a huge amount of money without certainty of success, you better think twice before entering such a program. 

The internet has changed most of the people’s lives on how they do things, even me, personally, am grateful to the discovery of the internet. It is on how you will utilize it in a way that you earn not just money but also knowledge in the same way you help and educate people, because we all know that some use the computer and internet doing illegal business and stuff, right? Even a single click on a suspicious website can destroy a person, so be cautious.

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