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Ruthless Results Review (Brent Kocal)

Brent Kocal

Brent Kocal says that he can teach you two things in his Ruthless Results program. First, he promises to teach you the skill of self-discipline. Emphasis on the term “skill” as self-discipline is something you’re not born with. Instead, it’s a learnable skill according to him. Second, he’ll teach you how to funnel that discipline into creating wealth faster than ever. Hold on a sec, is Brent a mindset or business coach? Can’t be both, I suppose. Onto the review, shall we?

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Quite frankly, Brent sounds more of a mindset coach than a business one for me. No cap here as he’s talking about the actual mind, aka human brain, in the free “training” video of Ruthless Results. Something along the lines of linking being emotional to “neuropathways sending the electrodes from one spot to another to prime your decision making.”

Wish this is just a joke from me, but he’s really serious about connecting our biology to decision making. Spitting some bars in the process too such as “…when you’ve got these little micro wins that is part of what we do at Ruthless Results, you wind up increasing your myelin.” Micro wins, myelin… get it?

It kinda makes sense that he thought he was crazy. Being obsessed with the human brain, or at least making it the core of your program, will do that to ya. Unlike me who sees it as him having a loose screw or two, he turns it into the narrative of him having a savage level in self-discipline.

That’s right. He associates this “savagery” with being driven to wake up at four thirty-five every morning, working out and meditating daily, and even measuring everything that he eats. Nothing special TBH until he mentions getting success in business quickly because of him, or his mind rather, being “wired differently.”

He realized he wasn’t crazy (oh, what a surprise) and he’s just living based on a system. And this system is the exact thing taught in his Ruthless Results program.

I don’t blame you for being confused because same as you, I’m hella confused too. The random clips of boxers, formula one cars, and astronauts in the video don’t help either. The only thing clear here after watching the “mind blowing” presentation is that it’s a program made for men (sorry ladies). And oh, I also understand that you need to schedule a call to know more deets. Just click the “Apply Now” button on the site and they’ll get you sorted.

That being said, I’m not satisfied with what I gather from the free “training” video. This is the reason why I started scrolling on the program’s site. Lo and behold, I find some info crumbs regarding a four-part formula in the program. 

The said parts are named as follows: An Actual Formula, Association, A Guide, and Leverage. Reading the wall of texts underneath it, it’s probably just referring to Ruthless Results having training materials, access to a support group, and access to one-on-one coaching sessions. Expect a price of around $5k too.

Ruthless Results Review

For that price and confusing “training” video, I won’t recommend Brent’s Ruthless Results. It’s too pricey for a mindset coaching while too vague for a business training. 

The actual content of the “training” video aka weird af sales pitch ain’t something that’ll sit well with me. Guy is trying too hard to sound smart by saying scientific terms unnecessarily and doing all the crazy mental gymnastics to relate it to his program. Worst, he ain’t saying a sliver of hint regarding his other businesses that he referenced to. The link to his privacy policy plus terms and conditions ain’t showing sh*t too and just opening the current page on a new tab. WTF?

From my research, the biz he’s referring to seems to be Kocal Properties, a real estate property management firm. Company seems legit on the surface, but I sense something wrong even without delving deeper. Like, why did Brent not mention that his expertise is on real estate? It isn’t fair to say that you can help scale businesses outside the real estate scope. 

TBH, I see this as Brent’s scummy way to sell more. He doesn’t give a damn about helping you build your biz. He’ll probably just stroke your ego with his mindset training full of cringe (see: Brent calling himself “intense as f*ck” in a pinned Facebook post) and toxic masculinity BS, and call it a day. Until I see some solid testimonials, this is surely no-bueno for me.

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