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Crypto Cashflow Review (Dan Ryder)

Dan Ryder

Dan Ryder, the dude behind Crypto Cashflow, calls himself a crypto expert. Not only that, he also claims to be known for helping startup entrepreneurs go from zero to a million dollars in sales. Personally, I can’t agree on the latter because I only stumbled upon him on his crypto endeavor. Still, that doesn’t mean he’s an actual crypto expert too. Is he? Find out in my review about his Crypto Cashflow down below.

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A quick overview on who’s Dan first. As the founder of Ryder Media, Dan started out as a marketer of things eCommerce. Not necessarily he has an eCommerce business himself, though. Instead of, let’s say, getting tangled with Jeff Bezos’ Amazon FBA biz directly, he’s running advertising campaigns for the actual sellers there. Hence, the core competencies he listed here are the following: Social media and search advertising, website and funnel design, customer nurture automation, video marketing, and copywriting.

All that, if he’s even good at it at all, doesn’t make him a crypto expert. Yet the said fact didn’t stop him from calling himself as one. I understand prepping yourself up as a form of confidence-upper, but I rather let my work do the talking. So far, I haven’t seen any crumbs of the said work besides Crypto Cashflow. No YouTube channel, no Twitter account with respectable numbers, no nothing. Disappointed, but not surprised.

But I’m not yet waiving the possibility of him being a crypto expert. Let’s check out his Crypto Cashflow first before we make the final judgment. Crypto Cashflow is labeled by Dan as a community, but in reality, it’s actually just a newsletter. Like c’mon, you can’t call yourself a community without providing some form of communication outside emails.

What’s in the mail, you might ask? From the program’s site, it’s these three things: A rundown of DeFi development opportunities, a new DeFi growth summary, and an updated site of DeFi payment and cash flow tools. Give ‘em your name and email address, and voila! You’re good to go. No credit card needed  just yet because Crypto Cashflow costs zero dollars.

Crypto Cashflow is free as it should be. Like seriously, I won’t be paying for some crypto news that I can easily find somewhere else for free and probably without the unnecessary hype too. And yes, Mister Dan Ryder is nothing but a meatrider on all things crypto. The things he does to milk you out with lotta cash on the upsells that come after Crypto Cashflow subscription.

Sure, things Dan mentioned like Decentralized Finance (or DeFi for short) through blockchain technology could be useful in the future and all. However, it’s not a revolutionary money-making opportunity they’re portraying it to be. Forgot about the feel-good story of Bitcoin prices going from zero to millions, it’s just one-in-a-million. Losing lotta money here is the usual.

Crypto Cashflow Review

And in any case you make some money here, it’s usually at the expense of other people. Also, it’s unsustainable. Take the likely Fiverr-commissioned jpegs they call NFTs for example. If you’re not the project creator, the primary way to make money here is to flip ‘em NFTs at a higher price. That is, if you still can.

What usually happens here is this: the hype dies down, the price goes downhill as well. In turn, you lose money. Y’all playing like a hot potato here, essentially. And you’re not flipping something with tangible value like real estate, what you have is just a mfkin pricey receipt that you own some sh*tty ape picture. And that’s just NFT BTW, don’t get me started with all the rug pulls and hacks happening here. Oh, and how it’s destructive to the environment with its ungodly amount of energy consumption.

With that being said, I’m not recommending Crypto Cashflow by Dan. It’s free, but, for me, it’s better for you and me to not consume bullsh*t-filled contents about crypto. Or maybe not consume anything crypto at all. Also, not from Dan who’s probably only an internet marketer that knows no sh*t about crypto trading. To answer the question above, Dan is in no way a crypto expert just by sending you news about DeFi and stuff.

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