Ryze Automation Review (E-com Automation)

E-com Automation

Ryze Automation offers a DFY fully automated Amazon store, no experience or tech skills required. You’ve probably heard this promise before, right? I feel ya, this is old news to me as well. I mean, this is what every other e-com automation program says about their service. The difference here is, Ryze Automation also claims low startup costs for their stores… Amazon automation and cheap? Be forreal, that doesn’t add up at all.

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Trying to automate Amazon on a budget is like building a rocket ship with duct tape and cardboard— you can’t. It doesn’t make sense at all unless the intention of the automation company is run away with your money without doing jacksh*t. Worst case scenario, these “service providers” ironically don’t provide any service at all.

In the context of Ryze Automation, my detective work led me to believe that they’ll technically do something. Like, in terms of having a store, they won’t let their clients leave empty-handed initially. The keyword here is “initially”. Because it turns out, the stores they made on behalf of their clients are consistently getting banned within a month or two after its launch.

Is this a speedrun of some sort that I’m not aware of? Or is this a case where a company, an “Amazon Automation expert” as listed on their website rather, is not as good as advertised? Maybe. Although I betcha that they actually know what they’re doing. Like, they’re aware how their actions will result in getting the store banhammer, they just don’t care as long as it sells.

To me, they’re the type to sell ice to an eskimo, and feel no remorse. Yeaaah, they’re that bad, and I have found compelling reasons to say so. Reason number one is their assertion of not needing any ads while promising twenty, thirty percent ROI. It’s just not feasible at all, especially with Amazon. I mean, even the biggest of brands still uses ads because it’s simply a necessity in the platform. There are no exemptions.

Reason number two is the many complaints directed at them. For instance, a dude named Scott warns others not to trust Ryze. Aside from giving him a sh*tty store that eventually got banned, he says that the company also took more money that he allowed to finance the store.

Then, there’s this Barbara gal who doesn’t mince words when it comes to giving her feedback about Ryze Automation. Specifically, she says, “Worst company ever. Do NOT trust them, they will steal your money.” Yup, she’s straight up calling ‘em criminals, and guess what, the company deserves it.

Similar accusations about Ryze Automation being thieves just keep on coming. I mean, I’ll expect no better from a company who insists on only using Telegram as a mode of communication. IIRC, that sh*t is notorious for housing ponzi and get rich easy schemes. The app unintentionally makes it easy for scammers to flee and go NC once they’re found out, and Ryze Automation actually takes advantage of that.

Ryze Automation Review

This is why Barbara and countless others who also got burned by Ryze Automation are considering a legal action to take their money back. Because surprise, surprise! The promised money back guarantee doesn’t mean sh*t.

With that said, don’t make the same mistakes as these poor fellas. Unless you want to throw your money to a fraudster, don’t pay for Ryze Automation’s DFY offer with a cost starting at $15k. Why buy it when it’s clear AF now that issa scam? And let’s be honest, the business model alone is not worth doing right now anyway.

To end this review, I’ll share how I first thought Ryze Automation and Ryze Services are the same company. They’re not, although they’re definitely cut from the same cloth. Why, the latter is guilty of doing credit card fraud and selling scam business coaching services. Who knows, maybe the Ryze we’re reviewing here is next. Personally, I want them to go out of business just like their namesake. Throw in some massive fines and time behind bars on top for good measure. I say all that with no regrets, their conning ass really deserves it. May they never ryze again.

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