Sabri Suby Review

Sabri Suby

Sabri Suby makes his consulting firm known by offering a book titled “Sell Like Crazy.” Here, he suggested to think like a billionaire and focus on the most profitable part of a business which is marketing. He also doesn’t consider the industry standard 80-20 Pareto principle, he had his own figure which states that 64% of a company’s revenue is dependent solely on 4% of its activities. He also shares the so-called eight-phase system that will help you sell like crazy.

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First, you must understand and identify your dream buyer. Sabri relates this to the FPS game in Halo. Just like how you need to know your enemies to win games in Halo, you’ll need to identify your dream buyers, the ones under the power 4% category mentioned earlier, and know them very well. No need to avert your eyes to anyone else, just focus to this 4%, and adjust your marketing to address their needs.

Second is to create the perfect bait for your dream buyer. Your content must draw leads well just like how a flame draw the attention of moths. Your marketing must also match your buyer’s energy. Don’t shove your product too hard on your buyer’s face when they barely know you. Make yourself known first and demonstrate how good you are. Just like how you court someone first to have a deeper and romantic connection to them instead of asking “will you marry me?” right away.

Third is to capture leads and get contact information. Basically, creating an irresistible opt-in page where a potential buyer would gladly put their deets in like their name and email.

Fourth is the Godfather strategy. If you’re not aware, this is named after the critically acclaimed gangster film in 1972 where Don Vito mentioned the iconic line “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The line is basically the core of the said strategy. To do this, Sabri asserts that you must sell what people want to buy and offer what he calls a power guarantee. Something along the lines of “100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.”

Fifth and Sixth phase is all about gaining internet traffic and the magic lantern technique. You know, the how-to of setting up Facebook ads and how to create content that eliminates skepticism while building up trust at the same time. Hitting two birds with one stone kind of vibe.

Seventh is about sales conversion. The previous phase only gathers your dream buyers that are interested in what you’re selling. Here, you’ll turn the interest into an actual sale. But remember to sell like a doctor and “diagnose” your buyers first before letting them buy. You know those strategic one on one calls that mentions how they would assess you if you’re a great fit for their course? This is basically the sell like a doctor principle. According to him, it’s like not offering a paracetamol when they don’t have flu. NGL, it sounds more like this to me: You don’t offer your service to those (you think) who can’t pay.

Lastly, the eight phase is all about automation. Here, Sabri reveals his personal fave which is email marketing. There’s a reason you gather your buyer’s email in the third phase, and this is to build your email list. The automation part comes with using services like MailChimp and GetResponse.

Personally, I like the majority of the methods he mentioned in this book. I also like how he writes a supposedly technical book in an entertaining and attention-grabbing manner, far from the dullness of the typical ones that made me catch zzz better than sleeping pills.

Sabri Suby Review

What I don’t like is them advertising this book as free. No, it’s really not free when you have to pay a shipping fee (at least $7) higher than the normal figure. Illusion at its finest.

I also think that the strategies he mentions regarding ads and automation is so 2000s. It’s a book so it’s quite understandable, but let me tell you that Facebook ads is something I can’t recommend this pandemic season. Too costly and risky, IMO.

Ultimately, the thing I dislike the most here is not the actual book but its purpose to Sabri and his King Kong company. It’s just the start of a sales funnel. Something to lure you into buying their pricier services and courses. What’s worst is them tricking their customers to buy their $197 marketing material pack when the expectation is them only charging for the book. Totally different transaction page too and not an innocent oopsie.  This is also with Sabri’s King Kong charging $47 for no apparent reason.

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