Power Host Turo Club Review (Saimah Chaudhry)

Saimah Chaudhry

Saimah Chaudhary is a pretty known, all-star Turo Power Host that shares her journey in the biz, both ups and downs, on her YouTube channel. And yes, she’s not only “pretty known” as boys be sayin’ that she’s damn “pretty” too. Must be a plus point for her Power Host Turo Club course, I s’pose? Depends on ya, but is it enough to get my seal of approval? We’ll see in my review below.

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Lemme be clear. A mentor being easy on the eyes is a welcome feature, but that doesn’t mean I’ll mindlessly buy their courses just for that. Obviously, Saimah is no exception. Heck, give me her tall, dark, and handsome male version, and I still won’t change my mind. We ain’t no simp here, um-kay?

Now, who’s Saimah? Why would you even consider listening to what she says, let alone buy her paid course? Well, I’ve got two reasons. Number one, she got a lotta years of experience in the Turo biz. Specifically, over six years of hosting a fleet of over forty cars.

Reason number two would be the fact that she’s really doing well here. “Crashing the [Turo] game” in her own words (but not the cars). That Power Host title she got is not some fancy schmancy label she coined herself, it’s actually from Turo. Having that on ya name is good as it was described as those who are most responsible, reliable, and experienced hosts.

Yup, can’t be self-proclaimed when it’s Turo themselves who’s picking who’s gonna get it. It’s a way the company recognizes the brilliant work of hosts like Saimah who’s setting up a good example for other hosts. And they won’t just give it like issa free sample as it has its perks.

In particular, the requirements to be considered as a Power Host is not an easy feat. Should have over ninety five percent response rate, ninety percent and up 5-star review rate, fifty plus reviewed trips in the past year, just to name a few. Point is, Saimah does all that which is commendable.

From what I’ve seen in her YouTube channel, I doubt she’s just faking it all. The warm feedback I’ve heard about her in the Turo community kinda points to her not faking it as well. And oh, her flexing cars is something I won’t take against her since it’s relevant in this (car rental) biz. Unless I miss something, I think she’s as legit as it gets.

Now that’s all said and done, let’s go over the deets of Saimah’s Power Host Turo Club offers. For the cheapest and only subscription-based offer that costs $3 a week, you’ll get access to a private Turo Host community where she hosts weekly live calls, and Q and A. 

Meanwhile, her bestseller Turo course (named as Turo course too) priced at $396 includes a 12-hour video lesson on all the things you should know to get started with Turo like what cars to buy, what insurance to get, and other tips and tricks.

Finally, there’s the Power Host Turo’s Consultation + Turo course  that includes the 12-hour video lesson I mentioned above plus one hour Zoom call with Saimah. And that’s pretty much it. T’was with a private community before, but as you might’ve guessed, it’s now the community where you’ll get access for $3 a week.

Power Host Turo Club Review

For the million dollah question, would this get my seal of approval? Sad to say, it won’t and it’s not really because of Saimah. Not her fault, it’s the business model’s fault. Doesn’t matter if she’s highly regarded in the Turo community if I won’t be recommending you to get into this kind of biz at all. Does that make sense?

To explain further, Turo as a biz has a lot of shortcomings. Horrible service to both clients (e.g. illegal cars with expired tags still in listing) and hosts (e.g. getting your car damaged), shady insurance practices, constant changes to the terms, among many others.

Regarding the service, you can see how bad it is yourself by checking out their BBB page. They’ve got 1,222 complaints in just three years! I’ve never seen that many before. The reviews ain’t doing ‘em favor too, sitting at a pathetic 1.06 out of five stars based on four hundred plus customers. I don’t think it’s a complete scam, but it sure is very complicated (and obviously horrible). Hard pass!

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