SamCart 1 Simple Page Review (Brian Moran)

Brian Moran

SamCart 1 Simple Page ad started out with a question on whether anyone’s worried about the soaring prices of Facebook ads. Guess what, I am worried myself which is why I keep shoo-ing people out of using Facebook ads. But I’m not alone, says SamCart’s CEO Brian Moran in the ad. No need to touch Facebook ads ever again too, says him, as SamCart 1 Simple Page can get the job done for less effort and money.

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According to Brian, SamCart was built to solve problems all advertisers face in the eCommerce space. Things like increasing order value, tracking which ads lead to more sales, integrating the most popular tools in advertising, quickly deploying new offers and landing pages, split testing funnels and campaigns, and the list goes on. SamCart got you covered in that area, or so Brian says. Hence, the moniker “The eCommerce Platform For Creators.”

It’s not just for the usual eCommerce stuff like dropshipping, though. SamCart 1 Simple Page can also be used for selling courses. They’re promoting it either as a standalone alternative for the usual course delivery platform like Kajabi or a complementary tool for the latter to help you get more customers.

They are encouraging the latter more. You can still continue using Kajabi while SamCart covers the things Kajabi falls short of. It’s as simple as letting SamCart do all the things related to taking orders. And don’t worry about the additional cost, the increase in sales conversion, around 22% increase on the average, makes up for another (SamCart) subscription on top of an already expensive Kajabi.

Of course, that’s what they would say about themselves. Something that supports their claim of being “a proven system for launching your own 6-figure online business with just 1 simple page” headlining the checkout page of their flagship offer. Speaking of their flagship offer, it’s their introductory annual plan named Samcart Launch Yearly. They say it’s discounted, but I beg to disagree. The price for the plan to access SamCart 1 Simple Page at $349 per year has been like that for ages. Don’t mind the FAQ telling that the 40% discount is only good for today, that’s just BS.

Anyhow, let’s talk about what you’ll get for the $349 a year plan. Aside from the annual subscription to  SamCart’s service (which is primarily for setting up your checkout page and sales funnel), you’ll also get bonus training such as The 1 Page Masterclass. Here, Brian will share his secrets on how to make irresistible offers, how to generate traffic, and how to drastically increase page conversion. Relatively speaking, the said masterclass is the most comprehensive among Brian training offers which includes the following: The 1 Page Workshop, Traffic Tactics, 1 Page Launch, Course Creation Challenge, and Product Vault.

But wait, there’s more. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group plus Brian’s personal page template with the $349 a year plan. Add a hundred and twenty bucks on top of that, making it $469 a year, and you’ll get everything from the flagship offer plus all their CourseU training like Scaling With SamCart, The Ultimate Upsell, and The 4x Formula.

SamCart 1 Simple Page Review

So, what’s my verdict, then? The offer seems affordable and all, but what’s initially stopping me from recommending SamCart is their major issues on billing payment. There’s a reason people call SamCart as “ScamCart.” From complaints in BBB, the common problem is the unauthorized credit/debit card charges without SamCart notifying in any way. 

I could get past the automated charges, but them not sending any heads up about it is very malicious. Y’know, seems like a deliberate attempt to steal without you noticing. Jokes on them, people noticed it and exposed SamCart to the public accordingly. I’m talking about the BBB complaints. And yes, it’s quite a shame to have 17 complaints on BBB within three years like SamCart.

Besides, I found out that some of the features they promised on the plans I mentioned above are not met. Their enticing features such as the ability to add upsells is annoyingly SamCart’s own upsell. Yeah, the one that might get you to buy their annual plan I mentioned isn’t available until you cough up more mullahs. To add, the included training is just some kind of bling to make their plan look like it’s full of exciting bonuses (it’s not). In reality, the training, albeit commended for its fancy production, is subpar, disorganised, and delivered badly. It’s disappointing, not exciting. With everything I mentioned, I’ll suggest skipping this one.

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